A secret revealed

This is how to ensure Father Christmas finds his way to your house, in Dismal Swamp.





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34 responses to “A secret revealed

  1. I thought of you last evening….and this post. I was watching a program called “Xmas without China” about a family who accepted a challenge to spend the entire month of December without anything made in China (boo hoo, the dad of the family had to live 30 days without his Xbox….oh, wait, my silly computer was probably made in China).
    Anyway what I was getting at; in an attempt to make new memories for their children they made ” magic reindeer food”. I think it was dog kibble with some kind of glittery stuff in it which the entire family sprinkled on the lawn on Christmas eve. They children went off to bed and the parents spent time outdoors making foot prints and hoof prints and cleaning up patches to make it look like it had been eaten. I’m sure some of the raccoons who life in our trees here would have been happy to help out.
    No they did not show how they got that glittery stuff out of the lawn.
    Happy Christmas everyone!


  2. I think if I was seen sprinkling on the lawn at night I might get arrested.

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  3. I think a sign saying “Free” reindeer food might have a similar effect.
    Like the one I seem to have on my door that says “free cat food”.


  4. This sounds like a good business in Dismal Swamp. How much did you pay for a bag Yvonne ? πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  5. Merry Christmas, Yvonne. Hope Santa finds you.


  6. Hey there, Yvonne! Am here again. πŸ™‚ It was 15 degrees c here today, so don’t think there’ll be too many special deliveries taking place. No snow in sight. Merry Christmas & all good wishes for 2015!! Love fr Liz x

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  7. Very cute! πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas to you!

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  8. It’s very nice of you to think about the reindeer, but the grass has stopped growing in my lawn.
    However have a happy Christmas, Yvonne.

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    • After an enthusiastic burst of rain 2 weeks ago which made the grass and weeds (especially the weeds) leap into action, the lawn-mowers have now fallen silent once again. 😦

      I guess we’re in the grips of El NiΓ±o.

      Anyhow, happy Christmas to you and yours.

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