Good things happen to sweaty people!

It  all started when my tongue detected a gap in a tooth, a gap that hadn’t been there the day before. A call to my dentist gave gloomy news, the first available appointment was in late February.  I was asked if I had pain, and I said “No”, and then mentally kicked myself,  thinking I could have put to use my acting skills (gained at the Dismal Swamp Academy of Overacting/House of Beauty and Hair Removal). I have to learn to think on my feet, although in all fairness, I was sitting down at the time.

The first break came when I had a phone call 2 days later, saying they had a cancellation; could I come in tomorrow? You bet I could!

On my happy way home, knowing I had an intact tooth and had just boosted my dentist’s bank account, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a most splendiferous scene, which I captured on my phone camera just for you, captive audience.

Who knows how many people hours have gone into making the characters set up in this front yard, for the amusement of passers-by? So, it was an ill tooth that had a silver lining, or some such mixed thing-o that took me on this street I seldom travel.

Here it is, a Christmas Wonderland, as only Dismal Swamp can do it.



Yes, it’s Santa Claus and Santa Duck, I guess.



I got quite confused, trying to identify the characters clustered around Santa. That might be a self-portrait of the artist we see between the red hat and beard.



There’s even a koala in that be-lighted tree.



And, Peter Pan showing off the pretty casement windows.





How many cartoon characters can you identify?



But, here’s what it’s really all about.



The presepio of Dismal Swamp.




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33 responses to “Good things happen to sweaty people!

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw a Magic Mushroom which probably explains quite a few of the others.


  2. What a find! One naturally ponders what the owners who created this display are like. Stories flutter to mind. Very intriguing. Fabulous entry. A broken tooth with a silvery lining indeed. Cheers!

    Smiling Toad


  3. What an adorable display! I’m sorry your tooth broke, though! 🙂

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  4. Waiting until February seems like a grim prospect. Glad to hear the tooth issue was resolved promptly.
    Quite the eclectic mix of celebratory decorations going on in this yard. Looks like the Flintstones came with the three kings to see Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. 🙂


  5. Happy to read you got in to see your dentist Yvonne. Wow, what a great deal of effort has gone into that wonderful Christmas display


  6. you captured some joy in this yard – thanks – the eclectic happy mix is just great. Glad your tooth is fixed – and glad it was not Feb! :0


  7. Caroline

    Splendid! And is that an actual vera di pozzo? The house looks a bit like the family house in ‘Muriel’s Wedding’, I think?

    Late February!? Is your dentist the only one in Dismal Swamp/your county/Australian equivalent of county??

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    • Si, a vera da pozzo di Dismal Swamp! Very Muriel’s Wedding, come to think of it.

      Well, there are other dentists in DS and the nearest town, but I know and trust this fellow, so I was reluctant to take my tooth to anyone else. It’s the same with a doctor, you have to know 3 months ahead of time that you’ll need him/her!

      Are you having a little seasonal break now? The weather looks so wonderful; I hope that keeps up for a while. Cheers.


      • Caroline

        Finished last night, huzzah – 17 days off!

        The weather has been quite kind but a bit odd – alternating between several days of sun, several days of (slight) rain & several days of fog, as now. Still quite mild at c.8-10 degrees in the afternoon. What is it there?


        • It’s above 30 every day, and down to about 22 at night. It’s much warmer than usual, and very dry. This should be our wet season. I think we’re in the grip of El Niño.

          Have a luxurious break.


  8. Must take forever to set all of that up. Glad to hear that your tooth is fixed.


    • Whoever does it must get a lot of pleasure out of making, painting and setting up this little panorama!

      A friend from England has identified many of the characters, none of whom I knew. So, I suspect that the creator of this touch of whimsy might be from that part of the world.


  9. joanneh

    OMG how can they do it? Actually a friend of my mothers also goes overboard she changes all the knobs on her doors cabinets etc as well as everything in her house top to bottom she claims she has to start in October to its all done by december 1.


  10. Hi Yvonne 😀 Well I can’t call you Goofy now, can I ? 😉 I am so pleased that your tooth was fixed so swiftly. So it’s not all dismal there ! Especially now that you showed us Dismal Disneyland 😉 xox ❤

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  11. I hope this is ‘just for Christmas’ It works now, but in June?


    • I rarely go down that street, but I’ll try to remember to go and see later in the year, Hilary. With all that work, it seems a shame to pack it all away until next Christmas. (Santa could go into the shed, and the Nativity scene.)


  12. Wonderful Christmas theme photos! Thank You. In Finland Santa has many assistants which do the work. I tried to find the correct word for those assistants called “Tonttu” in Finnish, but it seemed difficult. Nearest could be Elf or Goblin. Anyway it is Santa who leads Christmas present factory and his assistants make presents. When Christmas comes Santa collects all the glory for himself when distributing presents.

    Santa lives here:

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    To better understand what I mean with the word Tonttu, take a look at my post:

    Old Christmas 1.

    You can see how Tonttus make presents in my old post cards. When scrolling down, excellent example is the post card is in which they make for example cars and decorate Christmas tree.

    Merry Christmas!


  13. I absolutely love the idea of someone spending so much time to create this. If I feel brave enough, I may walk along that magic footpath, knock on the door and say “Thank you”.

    I’m glad my tooth decided to fall into pieces!

    PS Little children, bloggers and blog readers may form one group!


  14. It’s sort of sad in a way but you do have to admire the person who does all the work and it is for his/her satisfaction but also for the delight of little children and bloggers.

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