Living on the water

This dwelling in Venice has not only a private bridge but also its own steps down to the water of the canal.

I wonder if that is their boat to the rear of the bridge, or if they have one they moor at the foot of the water stairs?




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29 responses to “Living on the water

  1. Such a pretty little spot. Could the water have been lower at another point when the steps were built?


    • That’s quite possible, Sue. Sometimes, they isolate a canal, pump out the water, and do inspection/maintenance work on the foundations. It’s not an easy city for maintenance, that’s for sure.

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  2. Bert

    That’s the Rio delle Gorne, and the house is part of the Arsenale.


  3. I wonder if sleeping on a water-bed wth pictures of Venice above it would be a good compromise? One could add to the excitement combine it with eating Venetian biscuits while listening to Gustav Mahler.

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  4. Nice house. I have just finished reading The Gondola Maker. Quite a short read but ok. It had quite mixed reviews on Amazon. I’m gald I didn’t live in those days. It all sounds quite ‘romantic’ but in many ways quite grim. Get rid of the tourists and I’ll take today’s Venice instead please.

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    • Well, maybe we can keep the tourists who stay at least a week, and who understand that Venice isn’t a theme park, Andrew. Then, I agree with you. The hoards of day-tripping tour folks sure make it unpleasant. It must be a nightmare for the Venetians trying to get around in their own city.


  5. Whether it’s a canal, lake or ocean there’s nothing better than having a little piece of water in front of you.

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  6. Maybe they keep the stairs clear in case of company coming.


  7. I reckon I could live in that house.

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  8. For the first week or so in Venice every time I lie down to sleep I can feel the slosh of the water….as though I were on a boat. I’m on land but I think it’s just getting my sea legs back for the vaporetto. I just relax and enjoy it.
    I think that I, too, am a fair weather sailor. But wouldn’t mind trying living on a houseboat….or a sailboat or….

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  9. A unique way to live. We have houseboats here. I think they are lovely, but I don’t think I’d want to live in one, especially when it’s stormy.


    • Those Victorian houseboats are very attractive, but I’d agree, they could get exciting during inclement weather. You can find out for me how they deal with removal of sewage, please.


  10. Home maintenance never ends, even in the most beautiful city in the world, Randallo.


  11. A classic! The shutter needs a little work, however…

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