Chiesa Sant’ Agnese, Dorsoduro

Anyone who has trotted down the Rio Terà A. Foscarini, going from the Accademia Bridge towards the Zattere, or vice versa, has passed this church which dates back to the 12th century.


Photo sourced online

It is difficult to find this church open, but one evening there was a service for her feast day.  I attended, along with a tiny congregation, and was given permission to take “Solo una foto” (Only one photo). And now, I’ll share it with you, because you deserve it!


If you want to read more about the history of this church, please follow this link to Jeff Cotton’s excellent blog, and scroll down to Sant’Agnese:

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a mighty fine pissotta at one side of this church. See if you can find it.



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25 responses to “Chiesa Sant’ Agnese, Dorsoduro

  1. Caroline

    Thank you, I’ve never been in – it looks lovely! I hope you won’t take it the wrong way if I say I think of you every time I walk past that pissotta 🙂 (On my route to church from the Zattere bus stop, on days when I don’t feel like walking.) I think it may be the poshest one in town – what do you think?

    Re Santa Lucia, the lady herself is off on her hols to Siracusa this month, although I’m not sure if she is going before or after her feast day.


    • Some people are known for their intelligence, or beauty or skill with the stock market. I’m stuck with being known for loving the pissotte. Never mind, it’s still recognition. 🙂

      What, they’re trundling Santa Lucia away down south! I hope they’ll treat her gently.


  2. I have also walked by that church many times. It is wonderful to have time to wander. I see new things every time I visit.
    I encourage anyone who loves Venice to stay for a month or more if possible.

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  3. Andante

    Now, we can find one St Agnes who has a feast-day of 21st January, and another who has a feast day of 20th April … sadly we’ll be unlikely to be in Venice this coming year for either. Drat! … er, who, apart from St Nicholas has a good feast day in December? And of course, and interesting Church in Venice?


  4. Wow Yvonne!! Thank you so much for sharing! That church was a complete mystery to me. I only went in the little chapel next to it.
    Are you back in Venice for the winter?


    • This time, I’ll spend 2 months in Florence (gasp), then I’ll be in Venice in May. I’m hoping so much that I avoid the relentless rain I had last time, by going a little later in the year.


  5. Why only one photo, did anyone give an explanation?


  6. Cat Smith

    What a wonderful church!


  7. I missed it. We drove straight past a nawful lot of good stuff 40 years ago.
    Sometimes who you are with makes a difference – one way or the other. I wish I was twenty eight again. Actually strike out sometimes and write in always.


  8. Persistence rewarded. I think Venice must reward the long stay visitor. I am itching to go back.

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  9. Aw, sharing’s caring 🙂

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  10. What!? No picture of the lovely pissotta!?


  11. You are the pioneer! ))

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