Le finestre (The windows)

 Urk! My desktop computer has well and truly fallen off the perch. Until I can retrieve my photos from the backup hard drive and get them sorted, would you please be so kind as to leisurely look at these examples of windows, or what used to be windows.

At least I know what I’ll be doing for the next day or so. As someone said “It’s all good fun until the computer dies.” I’m sure someone said that …







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28 responses to “Le finestre (The windows)

  1. I like the beaten characters of these old windows. Quite lovely and wow, the last photo is very cool!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Kind regards,


  2. Yvonne – thanks for dropping by my blog tonight with the xmas art – because it reminded me that I have been meaning to get back here to peruse your archives. and like this one – o so fun – “It’s all good fun until the computer dies.” and I know it has likely been said, but I am attributing it to you! ha have a great day and I’ll be back later 🙂

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    • That was a brilliant post of yours, prior! Yes, please come back …


      • well thanks again for saying that – and I try not to get too religious in my posts – because I have followers from many faiths and I also just do not want to be a “Christina blogger” – if that makes sense – but that one was from my heart – I sat to write an idea about sharing tea bags – but the art unfolded – ha! have a great day and I shall be back my friend – I like your blog a lot!

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving Yvonne!


  4. Thanks for the reminder to back up my files to disk! Lovely windows!

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  5. If your house is clean, you computer is broken.


  6. OK. I just saw a box under the comment section. It doesn’t come up until
    you leave a comment.

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  7. Is it possible to sign up for your blog and get an email when you post? I never remember to look at reader.


  8. Andante

    In 1984(!) I was on a course, on secondment for a year from my job, and a lecturer said “Remember: computers have no sense of humour” ….. my other half would amend this to: “Computers have no sense!”
    We’ll see if we can add to your collection of windows (not “Windows”) when we’re back in Venice, next week. Sure you’ll be all properly backed up and sorted by then.


    • Remember those carefree days, when the computers didn’t absorb so much of our attention, when there was real mail in the mailbox, when we knew how to write cheques!!!

      Have a Spritz for me, if you don’t like Campari, well, I’ll just have to accept you drinking Aperol, I guess. Have a wonderful time. Baci.


  9. Sorry about your computer but your loss is our gain with those lovely windows.


  10. I love this collection of photos! So sorry about the computer woes…hope it’s quick and easy to get back up to speed! Cheers!


    • Thank you, Annie.

      My old desktop threw up its CPU and said “Enough”, so I now have a laptop to work with. But, those flippin’ backup photos are going to try my patience. I’ll be sorting out a different way to back-up stuff, I think.


  11. I had to smile, the backup I have is not as “clean” as I expected, so there’s a bit of work ahead. Ho-hum! Live and learn. At least I have the backup. oxo ❤


  12. Hi Yvonne 😀
    Urk ! Fallen off it’s perch ? Have you been tweeting again ?
    I keep nothing on my laptop except what’s “in progress”. Everything else: photos, passwords etc. I keep on memory sticks just in case.
    Have fun …… oops ! xox ❤


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