Madonnina dei Vetrai (Our Lady of Glassblowers)

You will find this lovely shrine, dedicated  to the glassblowers, when you visit the island of Murano.

3rd card 2014 074

3rd card 2014 075




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10 responses to “Madonnina dei Vetrai (Our Lady of Glassblowers)

  1. Elizabeth D

    I am so plebeian! I was just thinking how beautiful and graceful the vase was and wondering if a version was still being made today.


  2. I don’t usually rate most modern versions of sacred icons — sickly pious, often lacking artistic merit or skill and missing the charm that some naive art has (ooh, I’m overly picky, aren’t I?) but there is a delicacy and sensitivity to the Madonna’s gaze that I find quite appealing.z Thanks for drawing attention to this, Yvonne!

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  3. I love these shrines with modern-ish art in them – I too wonder if this artist is still alive (and wonder what was in this shrine before this!).

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  4. Hi, Andrew. It looks fairly recent, I wonder if the artist is still alive?


  5. I remember seeing this. Very pretty indeed.

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