Castello 925-27

Today, you’re standing in the Campo San Giuseppe, after walking there from the Biennale vaporetto stop. You pause before you cross the bridge over the Rio di San Giuseppe, and your eyes fall on this building  just to the left, on the other side of the Rio.

You’re looking at another of the domestic dwellings described by Egle Trincanato in Venetian domestic architecture. Built in the 16-17th century, it is still in use as a home for families.

The design is simple, with the windows on the first floor offering a touch of quiet elegance.






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13 responses to “Castello 925-27

  1. It looks perfect for a visit. Perhaps I will book my ticket straight away. 🙂


  2. Understated elegance indeed. I love the green shutters and door.


  3. I can certainly see why you love Italy and Venice in particular. I’m reading The Villa Triste set in Florence during WWII – looks promising so far.


  4. Lovely photos, especially the bottom one with the hanging creeper, almost like the moustache of an elderly sophisticated gentleman.


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