Some just have it all

A case in point, this house, which not only has an altana (rooftop terrace) but also paterae (the round reliefs) and a formella (the rectangular relief).

What does a person have to do to have such a special home? Be a Venetian living in Dorsoduro, I guess.

3rd card 2014 207

3rd card 2014 208

3rd card 2014 211

3rd card 2014 209

3rd card 2014 210

3rd card 2014 212



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15 responses to “Some just have it all

  1. What a beautiful rooftop. I can’t imagine how much work it might be to set it up but such a lovely spot.


  2. Andante

    We’ll have to have a look for those ducks when we’re back there in a few weeks -I remember seeing some in the side display of a window, some time back in Venice.


  3. MaryK

    Okay – you’ve convinced me – I’ll take it!


  4. So much art – puts our modern homes to shame.


  5. I just have visions of hauling pots, plants and potting soil up endless flights of very narrow, steep stairs. But very worth the effort in the end.
    Lovely decorations all around.
    No flying ducks on the walls here either and the cut outs of mom and pop bent over in the garden seem to have gone away too….or maybe it’s because I’m in the “big” city now….although a quiet suburb…instead of the country.
    I prefer the lovely carvings from Venice. Sigh.
    Opps….off to Italian class.


  6. I can only hope that the terracotta flower pots on top of the roof are firmly anchored down. Great paterae and formella.
    How do our own ceramic ducks in endles flight , so beloved and adorning many a gyprock wall in Australia’s suburbia stack up?

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    • Hey, those ducks have reached iconic status now! I laughed when I saw some of them displayed at a shop in Venice. They were still there 2 years later; that hasn’t caught on, I guess.


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