All Souls’ day

2 November marks  All Souls’ Day, a significant event in the Catholic Church calendar which commemorates the faithful departed.

In a gesture of homage to this day, here are a few images from the cemetery adjacent to San Miniato in Florence.

3rd card 2014 687

3rd card 2014 682

3rd card 2014 669

3rd card 2014 683

3rd card 2014 684

3rd card 2014 670

3rd card 2014 671



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18 responses to “All Souls’ day

  1. Caroline

    Thinking about commemoration, have you heard about the lovely ‘Every Man Remembered’ project which aims to have someone remember each of the World War I dead from all the Commonwealth forces?

    The list even includes a 57 year old Royal Navy bandsman from Venice – – isn’t that poignant? I just had a look in the Venice phone book and there are still people of the same name here.

    At the moment of writing, there are still 987,294 not commemorated.


  2. I love the photos. I admit I don’t remember this in Florence. The sculptures are beautiful. Very moving.


    • There’s a lot of skill and attention to detail in those sculptures, Andrew. Someone took pride in his work. (I’m making an assumption that the sculptors were male, but who knows?)


  3. Caroline

    What a lovely one – I also find the sculpture of the couple especially touching.

    We are missing our Anglican priest who normally conducts a short service in the Protestant section on San Michele today. I probably told you that last year we felt privileged to hear Ezra Pound’s daughter read one of his poems afterwards.


    • Ciao, Caroline. Gosh, you’ve had some good experiences in Venice.

      Is your priest gone for ever, or just temporarily?

      How is la signorina Mimi?

      Aren’t the sculptures well executed?


      • Caroline

        Do I seem to remember there are other modern sculptures apparently by the same artist? I remember thinking they were nice, especially the couple.

        Fr. H. has been having medical treatment in London but we hope he’ll be back later this month.

        Mimi is fairly happy & good most of the time, although she has her less good moments. Now the communal heating is on, during the daytime she’s particularly enjoying lying on the terrace of her kitty villa adjacent to both the radiator & the balcony doors, in the sun – although I think she actually gets too hot sometimes! She’s also still spending the odd hour on the balcony – October was a lovely month and it’s still quite warm in the sun from late morning to late afternoon.

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      • I’ll be looking more closely next year, Caroline.

        I hope Fr H will soon be back with you.

        Tell Mimi that Minx is not enjoying the early hot weather any more than her owner is.


  4. Yes, beautiful cemetries. Someone said that a culture can be judged by the way it looks after the ‘dearly departed’.
    How to judge our cemetries? ( plastic fading flowers blowing in the wind) or our culture!


  5. Eight years ago on November 2, I didn’t realize what an important day it was in Italy and spent my morning on a vaporetto to Murano packed with families with bouquets of flowers on their way to San Michele.
    I didn’t get to visit San Michele until my return to Venice in 2012. Even without all those families it was still a moving experience.
    I visited another cemetery in Venice with you and Kathleen at Malamoco in 2010 (across from the cat sanctuary).
    Grazie mille for the memories….even if it’s still November 1 here on this side of the International Date Line.


  6. Beautiful. I love those pictures. I visited Florence once and would love to go back.


  7. Beautiful photographs Y. Some of those monuments are so touching, I wonder who the young couple was? Aren’t those cypress trees amazing? Wow.


    • I did read the inscriptions, but can’t remember the details about the couple. I promise to do better when I return next spring. The cemetery is huge, I hadn’t realised before.


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