And now for something completely different

For those who know that red cars just go faster than the others …







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16 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. Please do not walk on the cars? Vroom vroom!


  2. The same gent in Court. The last thing I saw were the sad eyes of the pedestrian as he slid over the roof of my car.

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  3. I’ve never seen the half a person walking sign before. Maybe the red car went so fast it took off the top half?


  4. I remember an elderly gent in court:” I did see the pedestrian, your Honour, but I swerved left than to the right, went straight ahead but I finally got him.”


  5. And for people in other parts of the world….a jay walker is a person who insists on trying to cross the road where there isn’t a crossing and there are cars coming. It’s still considered jay walking when there aren’t cars coming but it doesn’t bother me if they do it then.


  6. Yes, red cars do go faster. My mother bought a red Dodge Coronet (I think that was the model) that many years later became mine.
    She drove my husband to the airport once….he said she just put her foot down and drove like a “bat out of …..”. Yup, that was my Mom.

    Is the “two legged” sign warning you about jay walkers? We need them here if that’s the reason. The signs….we already have enough jay walkers that need to not wear dark clothing at night.


  7. In pic #2 I wonder what the two legged sign means ? “No-body welcome” perhaps ? Have a lovely weekend Yvonne xox ❤


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