Even if you try to avoid taking typical photos, when you’re in Burano, what can you do?









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32 responses to “Burano

  1. If that’s what is considered typical, I’ll take it! Some destinations are just photogenic, from all angles. The best I’ve been to like that have been Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S.C.

    Beautiful shots!


  2. Andante

    We used to enjoy saying “hello” to a lovely plump barred cat near a lace-shop on Burano. It seemed to hold court on a strip of red carpet! The cat sheltering beneath the laundry could well be its (pure bred buranese , of course – unless cats can hop on the vaporetto?) offspring. We haven’t seen it for a few years now, but still look at all the Buranese cats whenever we go there. We’ll probably take even more Venetian Cat photos when we go early December, both on Burano and of course the wonderful cats of Torcello.

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    • It’s such a delight to see cats on Burano and Torcello, Andante. Those cats do have a look all their very own, don’t they? I went to Forte Marghera (one of the old defense network for Venice), and there was a colony of cats there, also.


  3. well it looks like you just click away when you are in Burano – 🙂 ❤ and I love the color! wonderful place.


    • That’s absolutely correct, but it’s worth getting away from the well trodden paths as well. I usually get off the vaporetto at Mazzorbo, (another island) and have a prowl there first.


  4. We looked at a house for sale here about 15 years ago. A pipe dream really. Living there cannot be easy especially in winter. Glad we saw sense. It was lilac.


  5. I read that the colours are controlled and approved by the local authority and that owners need permission before they get their paint brushes out. Good pictures – I like Burano.


  6. It was / is a paradise for photographers and any one with a cat in it is guaranteed success. Big tick from me 🙂


  7. Lovely photos as always Y! I like that cat. Do you think he/she is a purebred Buranese?

    I have often wondered which color house I would like to live in. I rather like that orange/salmon/terra cotta color, third photo down.


  8. I’ve exactly the same photos from 25 years go! Though some of the houses will have had a new lick of paint since then 😉


  9. I took a photo of matching laundry on a line as well as a curtain over a door. ^^


  10. Very ‘colour my world’, isn’t it?


  11. AH, my beloved Burano!
    There is no such thing as a “typical photo” there.


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