Bloomin’ Dismal Swamp

Someone once told me the name of the tree that erupts with these vivid blossoms every spring, but the information has vanished from my hard drive (aka brain). Once the blossoms are spent, then the tree allows leaves to appear.

I really like the contrast of the yellow blossoms with the cloudless blue sky.




Does anyone recognise this tree and its blooms?



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25 responses to “Bloomin’ Dismal Swamp

  1. I can’t help with the name of the tree, but those are beautiful pictures.


    • Thank you, Phil. They were taken with the phone camera. Some days, it does a good job. Oh, and Melissa identified it as something I can’t quite pronounce! (See below for her comment.)

      PS Thanks to you, I’m now reading Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes.

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  2. Yes, Mlissa’s right: it’s a Tabebuia – originally from South America and absolutely glorious against our deep Spring sky, isn’ t it? We had one in our garden and it was one of the joys of my life … until it was time to rake up all those huge dangling seed pods!

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  3. We have a lot of trees here that put out lovely blooms which drop and then the leaves appear in the spring. Of course since I’m in the “other” hemisphere those leaves are falling now.
    Lovely pics! Don’t have a clue what it is but I like it.

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  4. C’est vraiment très beau !
    Les photos sont du printemps ou de maintenant ?
    Je pose cette question car ici en Provence mon arbre de Judée a refleuri !
    à bientôt


  5. Looks a bit like Kerria Japonica.


  6. Melissa

    Haha, I think I need to change occupations!!

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    • Yes, you’re the mystery blossom identifier recently, Melissa. Just a sec while I follow one of those links, to see if you get the Golden Thumb award.

      Yessirree, the photos show it to be Tabebuia chrystotricha! Thank you for that, Melissa.


  7. We need a botanist or an arborealist. Sadly I am neither but I know a good pic when I see one.


    • Well, Melissa, who is a fellow Queenslander, has done the hard work for us, Andrew.

      I’ll tell my Samsung phone camera that it has won praise from a fellow who really does take good photos!


  8. What you describe is well-known in many tree species but particularly Erythrina. The flowers look wrong for Erythrina, though, although I can’t tell for sure without a good close-up of the flowers. For best plant ID, get a picture of the whole tree, an individual branch, an individual leaf, and an individual flower.

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  9. I don’t know. They are not tulips.


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