Once they were brand spanking new

Here’s a tiny sample of some venerable old automobiles, at the Herberton Historic Village.

Herberton May 2014 141

Herberton May 2014 140

Herberton May 2014 150

1936 Plymouth

Herberton May 2014 146

1951 Daimler

Herberton May 2014 144

1939 Buick

And, here is one fully restored model. I wonder how many hours of love and labour went into this?

Herberton May 2014 047



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13 responses to “Once they were brand spanking new

  1. Caroline

    I’m with Darlene, I really like the pictures of ones which are ‘weathered’ – I’ve not seen ones like that before, only the odd restored one.


    • A lot of the old equipment, such as tractors, steam engines, etc., were in the same condition as some of these old cars, Caroline. They have been carefully cleaned and coated with oil, and they look so good. I’ll post some of those old beauties one day. I just can’t get over the love and attention that has been given to this outdoor museum. It would all have been volunteer work.

      The couple who bought the museum and brought it to this high standard are from interstate, their children though they were quite mad, and should have been sitting down and enjoying their retirement. Now the children are as devoted to the task as the parents.


  2. Good to see some being fully restored. I hope someone will do the same for me one day.


  3. Wonderful collection! The last photo is my favorite. Thank You showing these vintage cars.


  4. It almost looks like you can take that red 1924 Dodge for a “tour”!
    Love red cars almost as much as I love red shoes.


  5. How cool that some are left as they were found.

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    • What the heck, Darlene. I was sure I had answered your comment.

      I reckon it would be difficult (and costly) to find the bits and pieces for some of those old gals.


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