Dorsoduro 929

Here is another of the buildings featured in Venetian domestic architecture (Trincanato). It is found on the Zattere, Dorsoduro.

If you’ve ever stopped for a gelato or an aperitif at  Gelateria Nico (at 922), then you were right in the neighbourhood of this dwelling from the 15th century.

The features described by Signora Trincanato such as the three part divison of the facade rising above the portico are still clearly visible. (When you stand far enough back!) Aren’t those windows above the portico graceful?

The booklet mentions that the portico was used a walkway while the fondamenta was built, in 1519. (A fondamenta is a walkway built along the water side.)


Next door to the building in question is the Ristorante and Pizzeria Terrazza del Casin dei Nobili. There is no shortage of places to eat and drink along the Zattere. It’s a brilliant place to sit and watch the world go by. This would be an excellent place to rent an apartment during a visit to Venice.


Here you can see the fondamenta with pedestrians approaching yet another bridge. That is a temporary ramp, unfortunately; they are so useful for parents with kiddies in pushers, or people with aching joints, or someone using a wheelchair.


I’ve  just had word that I’ve been with WordPress for four years. That time went by so quickly.

Happy Anniversary to Hello World.



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35 responses to “Dorsoduro 929

  1. Caroline

    Tanti auguri!

    I’d swear I have an old book in which the author says that although most people dream of living on the Grand Canal, he’d most like to live in that very building which in his day was covered with wisteria – imagine how lovely! And of course the ground floor wasn’t a bank then 🙂 But annoyingly, I now can’t find that passage anywhere.

    I’m pretty sure that the 1st floor section nearest Nico is a holiday flat, as I’ve seen people with suitcases going in & out & opening up the shutters. And I’ve only this summer noticed that there’s a nice garden at the back, too – once or twice I’ve glimpsed people sitting out there. Lucky them!

    The Zattere is my own favourite place & it is certainly where I’d live (in a flat with an altana, natch) if I had the money! As well as having a glorious view, It would be very handy, wouldn’t it? Although I’d be ingesting far too much ice-cream from Lo Squero, spritzes at Nico and spritzes + cicchetti Al Squero (where we’ve been spending a fair amount of time anyway, the last few months :-)).

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    • Ciao, Caroline. The Zattere would be such an excellent place to call home. An evening passeggiata, followed by a spritz and ciccheti somewhere in the neighbourhood sounds like a healthy lifestyle to me.

      Have you got shouty boys again this year?


  2. Pam D

    Congratulations on your 4 years been following your blog since 2012 since our trip to Venice. We ourselves travelled the zattere nearly every day.on our way to our appartment in Dorsoduro so yes I agree it’s a great place to stay. Counting down the weeksfor our trip back in December never went to Nicos but Grom became a daily visit


  3. Rob C

    You must be doing something right 🙂

    Here!s to another 4 years, Campari Soritz isn’t it?


  4. Alida

    Love the last photo – guy sitting in the sun, people chatting on the street, history galore…..


  5. Happy anniversary from one lover of Venezia to another!!! 🙂


  6. Frank

    We have booked again In the period 30 december till 4th of january to celebrate our 13th wedding day! So we visit the beautifull Venice than for the 16th time in that period ! So everybody see it for yourself it is magic indeed!


  7. Frank

    Happy aniversary!!!!!!!


  8. Liz

    Happy Fourth Blogiversary. I wish you a happy blogging!


  9. Happy 4th birthday. I’ve enjoyed reading about Venice and getting ideas for our visit. I hope you will still be writing about Serenissima in another 4 years. Go on Gerad, book that ticket.


  10. Happy anniversary Hello World!
    I’ll be expecting my medal in the mail as I’m sure I’ve read every post too.
    But you can actually donate any expense you would even think of incurring to do that to your nearest animal shelter.
    I have certainly enjoyed daily trips along with you in Venice, the Great Dismal Swamp and wherever else you decided to footle and tell us about.
    Love ya, Lady.


  11. Happy anniversary. I’ve had one of those from WP last week… two years 🙂


  12. Hi Yvonne 😀 Congratulations ! Wow ! 4 years ! I just don’t know what to say. I am speechless ! Says I with tears in my eye. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  13. Happy Anniversary to “Hello World”! I think I have read every single blog post. Thank you for providing me with so much enjoyment Y!


  14. That could be you soaking in the sun, Gerard. It would be good if you happen to be there in May, I could meet you for a spritz right there!

    How about those Rabbitohs! I never follow rugby, but it was nice they won, after all those years of drought. Russell must be very happy.


  15. We are more than ever mesmorised by everything ‘Venice’. The trip might now have to wait till early spring next year. Yes, I suppose bridges with steps does make it harder for prams or disabled.
    The gent with the colourful jumper does seem to enjoy himself basking in the sun.


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