Fooling around with a phone camera

When I bought my android phone, the accessories I chose for it were a sturdy case (I’d heard all those stories of what happens if you drop your phone) and a set of lenses that attach magnetically to the camera lens.

The latter turned out to be fun, and they do get used every so often.

Here is a tiny sample of what they can do, showing images using the fish eye and wide angle lenses. There is also a macro lens.


This is just a normal shot of a building with a colourful façade, in a calle in Venice



This is fun!


And, looking down a different calle

They were fun to use, and could prove useful in situations where a digital camera just can’t capture certain features. I just have to remember to always have the lenses in my pocket when I go out, and then also remember to use them!



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25 responses to “Fooling around with a phone camera

  1. Can I ask where you get such lens attachments? They do look like fun!


  2. Never underestimate the humble phonecam. Terrifically versatile as you demonstrate. Mine takes lousy photos, probably because it’s been dropped regularly over 3 years.


    • Hi, Andrew. Your whirlwind trip went far too quickly. Can I book Phyllis for a tour of the Uffizi next spring? I’ll buy her a tripe sandwich afterwards.

      Yes, it’s quite amazing what good photos the phonecams take. For macro shots, mine is more reliable than my Panasonic.


  3. How fun! Where is this calle by the way?


  4. I have heard that you can get lenses like that for your digital camera. I haven’t totally investigated that….but I do love a good fish eye lens.


  5. And all the more fun that it’s PINK 😉


  6. So cool. I didn’t know it was possible to get lenses like that.


    • Neither did I, but with the wonders of online shopping and targeted advertising, we need never miss out on yet another gadget. I don’t know if iphones offer this little accessory.


  7. There’s always a nice splash of colour to brighten the ancient walls, Gerard.


  8. PhilJ

    I read this as “footling around”. Can’t get the flippin’ word out of my head now!!


  9. No selfies then Yvonne ? 😉 ❤


  10. Nice calle, especially with the residents putting potted plants outside. or having geraniums spilling over from their window boxes.


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