Footling *

So there I was,  footling * along the Riva degli Schiavoni, when I spied this very different paving stone.


An appeal to some of my Venetian friends lead to this plausible explanation:

“Che sembra come il simbolo della Casa di Savoia. Forse è un’incisione fatta pro monarchia durante il periodo del referendum che ci ha resi una repubblica.”

That sounds good to me.

Oh, I guess a translation might be helpful, not that you’re not capable of using Google or Bing to do the tough work.

Basically, “It looks like the symbol of the House of Savoy. Perhaps it is an incision made pro-monarchy during the period of the referendum that has made us a republic”.

Imagine having such strong feelings about the issue that you would sit there for ages, with your chisel and hammer, leaving this message! Nowadays, it’s a can of spray paint, and Bob’s your uncle.

I have footled * along that stretch of the Riva again, to have another look at the stone, but the area was always covered by the ramps set up over the bridges for the marathon.

How many of you can go to look up a word in the dictionary (I mean the real thing that you hold in your hand, with pages and stuff), and go straight to the word you wanted? I can’t, and that’s why I stumbled across footle. I’ve been aching to use it in a post and by George (not Clooney, just a generic George), I’ve done it.

* Footle: to loiter aimlessly.

I bequeath this glorious little word unto you, dear readers. Use it in good health.


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39 responses to “Footling *

  1. I loiter aimlessly whenever I visit your blog Yvonne. Got to go ! Enough footling for today. xox ❤


  2. Our family pootle. Footling in our lexicon means insignificant!


  3. laurie27wsmith

    I think someone told me to get footled once, Yvonne. I’m not sure though……..


  4. vera ersilia

    I love new words ! thanks for this one. But that stone looks much older than 1946 when that referendum was held …


  5. Andante

    I always thought it was ” ‘ave a gander” (if possible with a Dick Van Dyke Cockney accent) meaning to have a look. “Dander” I thought was an affliction of horses, needing a brush to clear it up, or a term for a bad temper!
    Well, I’m – gobsmacked! Always good to learn new words and meanings. Anyway, time to stop “laiking abaht” in virtual Venice.
    Now know we’ll be back in the real place in December! Whoopee! Will have to try to “footle” a bit when we’re back there.


  6. Footle – love it 🙂 Also love ‘pootle’ – not even sure it is a real word! I was pootling about the market… 😉


  7. It’s a very good word. I started using odd words to try and revive a few. People (well, one person) objected. I still keep the list though. Footling is worth it’s place in the language. Abandon hope all ye who footle here.

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  8. Kathleen

    Lovely! Same as having a dander, Yvonne!


  9. And that is indeed a very interesting paving stone and I could almost totally read your Italian! Yesterday I understood an entire sentence in an Andrea Bocelli song. Now if I can just get the words I need out of my mouth when I’m in Italy.

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  10. OMG….I love the dictionary! I footle through them all the time. FOOTLE..a perfect word. So appropriate for Venezia!!

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    • There’s only one problem with this footling stuff. It has taken attention from that historical paving stone!


      • Once again, all your fault, cara Yvonne.
        I footled quite a bit along that same Riva last December.
        I also love the dictionary and I just looked up footle and it has extremely interesting origins which I will email you because the French word it comes from is X-rated!
        I’m also learning to love my Italian dictionary. I learn all kinds of interesting words….or ways to use them I hadn’t imagined.


  11. Very informative, all this footling around.


  12. What a glorious place to footle along!


  13. To footle or not…that’s the question. It should be obligatory. A good footle a day

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  14. By jove, I think I’ll footle along the boardwalk tomorrow if the sun is shining.

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