OK, I confess

I really like Chioggia, and will be going there again, for sure.

The area where you enter Chioggia via the water route from the Lido is packed with interesting things to see, and plenty of little side lanes to wander in.

Here are some things that caught my eye.

3rd card 2014 948

No cars may enter this area!

3rd card 2014 949

3rd card 2014 938

He looks like he’s buffing his finger nails.

They’ve got shrines for all occasions.

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They have 3 cousins who own a fishing boat.

3rd card 2014 925

And, there are many other types of boats.

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Andrew, is this tempting you?

There’s more, but I’ll leave that for another day when I’m wondering what in heck I should put on my blog. (You can sign up for my wonderful course: Lazy Blog Writer 101, just send a voucher for a spritz Campari. You won’t regret it, and neither will I.)



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17 responses to “OK, I confess

  1. Caroline

    He does look like he’s buffing his nails! Or – as you say, Linda šŸ™‚ (When are you coming back, do you know yet?) Very interesting photos and I will be sure to check them & all your other Chioggia ones again for interesting things to see, before we finally do make it out there.

    Which, despite nearing the end of 3 months off work, we are sadly continuing not to manage, or indeed to go anywhere else much other than the odd trip to the pool in Mirano when it’s warm enough & looks like it definitely won’t rain (rarely), or – less excitingly – the Padua branch of IKEA, where we were *again* today! It’s all glamour living here, I can tell you… Still, not working is all I need to make me happy šŸ™‚

    Maybe Chioggia is really nice at New Year? šŸ™‚


    • Buona sera, Caroline. Isn’t it strange how 3 months can melt away without any effort. (But 3 months in the classroom, that’s a different story entirely.)

      Have you finished your trips to that heaven on earth (aka IKEA)?

      I reckon that it would be interesting to see in the New Year in Chioggia. You might take all the overseas visitors (from the US and Australia) with you. You could go and admire that package together.


      • Caroline


        Re 3 months’ holiday melting away, indeed – that pesky normal life just gets getting in the way! But you’re right, it’s totally different from 3 months in the classroom. And no half-term holidays here – the spring term this year was *15 weeks* with only 1 day off (the last day of Carnival) =:-O

        Anyway, hopefully no more trips to IKEA in the near future, although I have tonight been trying to order online a couple of things we (OK, Phil) thought too heavy to carry back on the bus + train, but the website seems stuck.

        It’s been interesting to have finally (possibly) got a handle on their pricing structure for deliveries to Venice – up to 30kg is E9.99 if ordering online or E15 if ordering instore (why?), while over 30kg starts at E198… Plus we’ve now found there seems to be a further variant of E149 for up to E1000’s worth of goods, but apparently only available to their kitchen planners and only applicable when all components of an order are already in their local warehouse. So the kitchen units we ordered today are coming in 5 consignments at E9.99 each šŸ™‚ Given that the one time we’ve used this delivery method before we ordered 2 things which came on 2 different days, and today’s order involves 32 components, any bets as to how long before it can all be assembled?

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        • It sounds like it can work out to be tad expensive, just the delivery charges make my eyes water. Will your kitchen units overcome the lack of a drain board? It should all be in place by about next spring!

          How is La Signora Gatta?


        • Caroline

          No, these are just the base units for the opposite side of the kitchen, but we will at least acquire a work surface as well as some cupboard space. We hope in time to be able to rip out the old sink & stuff on that side & replace it, but that will be a bigger & more expensive job.

          La Gatta is modestly friendly but still seems a bit sad at times. Hopefully she will become happier as she settles in more.

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  2. Consider the voucher sent.


  3. He is either buffing his nails or admiring his package. šŸ˜‰

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  4. It is tempting. I was thinking of going to the Lido to see if Gustav von Aschenbach is still around but its going to be tough to squeeze so much into 5 days.


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