The old butcher shop

Herberton May 2014 251

I think one or two of you may be just old enough to remember when the local butcher shop looked somewhat like this.

Herberton May 2014 252

Herberton May 2014 253

Herberton May 2014 254

Herberton May 2014 256

Herberton May 2014 255

Herberton May 2014 257

Herberton May 2014 258



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22 responses to “The old butcher shop

  1. I love your pictures, brings back a lot of memories working my grandfathers butcher shop. He had nearly all the items in your pictures and the large scale too with wood chips on the floor! He raised the cattle, hogs, chickens, etc. and butchered all of them for his shop. I have a lot off wonderful memories there!

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  2. Brought up in Hong Kong in the 50s I have no personal memories of butcheries like this, and in early 60s Britain things were a little more antiseptic than this! But in sepia or monochrome these would not be out of place in a Victorian or Edwardian album.

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  3. Sawdust on the floor I remember but this is a bit before my time I think 😉


  4. Janet Graham

    Quite well, but not quite so gruesome looking,I was always quite scared at the noise the cleaver coming down CRASH !!,


  5. Still looks like that in Mexico and we cringe when they cut beef and pork and chicken in the same spot on their butcher block without cleaning the knife, but we’ve survived so far.


  6. As far back as I can remember my mother shopped the meat counter at Safeway where unless you were asking for something special it was already cut and wrapped in a refrigerated case. But you could wring a bell and a man in a funny white hat (always a man) would come out and take your order and come back shortly with a package wrapped in white “butcher” paper and write what it was and the price with a red grease pencil on the package.
    So I’m just young enough not to remember what you have pictured.
    Although the young man at the checkout stand (I refuse to use self check out) yesterday was amazed when told I really was an old lady of 65 and could not lift that heavy bag (made him re bag it)….he said he thought I was about 40. No, I didn’t tip him. I did offer to bring him home though.;-)


  7. With sawdust on the floors to soak up the blood.

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