In a side street, an outdoor dining area. They serve good coffee and dolce!

2nd card 2014 519

What a great idea: Carpe Gelato.


If you’re looking for a B&B in Chioggia, the affable gent on the right just happens to have one.


Many of the rubbish cans were decorated to show the influence of fishing on this island.

2nd card 2014 530

The lion of San Marco stands guard in Chioggia.




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17 responses to “Chioggia

  1. steven

    I’ve been enjoying your posts on Chioggia, Yvonne, to which I must sheepishly admit I’ve yet to go(!), and then yesterday I came upon this news:

    Ugh. There’s no escaping the beasts!


    • I’ll bet there are plenty of people who live in Venice who’ve never been to Chioggia, Steven. But, it is a most interesting place.

      Now, let’s see what news you’ve delivered to me.

      Did you survive the big hailstorm?


    • Oh, for crying out loud! There goes the neighbourhood. I wonder whose palms were greased in this latest caper?

      How were the passengers taken for their whiz around Venice, do you know?


  2. Bring on the gelato! I can’t wait. 🙂

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  3. Ice cream and wheelie bins? You can’t go wrong there Yvonne. 🙂


  4. Chioggia will always be part of my very best memories 🙂 ps: there is a restaurant called El Fontego there that makes heavenly risotto (or at least did some years ago, hope that hasnt changed)


  5. Carpe gelato should be on my family crest if I had one. Lion with Ice Cream Rampant 😇


  6. Chioggia is on my wish list – I haven’t made it there yet. Thanks for sharing it with us!


    • I really like it, Anne, and hope you do go next time. There’s lots to see, and it’s a good place to just wander around. You’ll find some shrines there, to add to your collection.


  7. I could carpe un gelatto right about now but I think fixing my dinner is a better idea.
    I have to get over there. I’ve been meaning to go there. Someday!
    And I love the rubbish cans.


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