Private beauty in a private corte

The surroundings, stairway and arch were eye-catching in their own right.


But, there was something quite special at the top of the stairs.






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41 responses to “Private beauty in a private corte

  1. The top one is just so fascinating… 🙂


  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gift.


  3. What a beautiful picture and we felt like we were climbing the stairs to see the beautiful Madonna.

    Thank you for the lovely peek at a different world.

    Kitty Kisses,

    Shoko and Kali.


  4. Very beautiful, love the entrance and stair leading you in..

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  5. What a fantastic shot Yvonne, a beautiful doorway.


  6. Je connais cette petite corte, j’ai eu la chance de trouver la porte ouverte un jour, le facteur avait oublié de pousser la grille.
    Je peux vous dire exactement où cela se trouve si vous le désirez ?
    à bientôt

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  7. Very beautiful and special!


  8. So beautiful! What a great find. I love the light above the Madonna – I bet it looks very cool at night.

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  9. So beautiful. Something to search for next month 😀


  10. Maybe I am wrong but I think it is along the calle which goes to Campo de le gatte, in Castello.

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  11. Religion is everywhere in Italy, isn’t it?

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  12. That corte looks so familiar….I’m sure I’ve been by there, deep in Castello. Couldn’t find a picture and if I took one I totally missed that door and shrine.
    Nice catch Yvonne.


  13. I just loved the top photograph Yvonne. I also noticed the 13th century telephone book in the letterbox of the green door on the right of the same photograph. ❤ xox


  14. I remember coming across this special shrine a few years ago. Its somewhere in Castello….right?


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