How wrong could I be?

“Hah”, I said to myself. “Florence has got this graffiti business sorted!”

3rd card 2014 446

On the Ponte Vecchio

But, what is that just below the sign written in Italian?

3rd card 2014 447

Yup. They’ve got graffiti, and it’s right here on the historical Ponte Vecchio.

3rd card 2014 450

Well, they seem to be really strict about the  love locks.

3rd card 2014 451

Watch out,  “trasgressors”.

Yes, that was highly effective.

3rd card 2014 452

We really don’t forgive you, “trasgressors”!




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10 responses to “How wrong could I be?

  1. When I read the sign about hanging locks on the railing I immediately thought, “Why in heaven would people want to hang their hair on the railings ?” Duh ! xox ❤


  2. If the cameras are anything like the speed traps here they are switched off 98% of the time. Not much of a deterrent.


  3. LOL! And I guess a spray can would be alright… not technically a pen, is it…?


  4. I often wonder how effective the surveillance cameras are, as deterrents. That would be very difficult to assess, I think.


  5. Laws are only as good as their enforcement. But that would mean police assigned to patrol these areas and that would mean more police as there aren’t enough to catch “real” criminals. ….as in murderers, rapists etc.
    Sad but true.
    But at least they have the laws and it will help keep the honest people honest.


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