Who was Francesco Hayez?

 It’s funny how one observation leads to another.

I was  in Santa Croce, when I noticed a few scraps of fresco on a building.

2nd card 2014 190

Santa Croce 2132

Then my eyes were drawn to this plaque. I had never heard of Francesco Hayez, but now that I’ve done a bit of research, I’m so glad I came across this piece of information.

2nd card 2014 192

Here is just one of his works (image from Wikipedia). If you are interested, do read the description and interpretation of this painting. The Kiss  No wonder art historians love their chosen field of study!

the kiss

The Kiss, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

Francesco Hayez was born in Venice (1791), and during his long life his prolific output included portraits, historical paintings, and political allegories.

In Venice, you can find some of his works in the  Gallerie dell’Accademia and the Correr Museum.




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14 responses to “Who was Francesco Hayez?

  1. They’re right into that kiss Yvonne.

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  2. Fascinating. We arrive in Venice on Sept 14th. I’ll see if I can find the fresco.

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  3. And one thing did lead to another and I had to add the movie Senso to my Netflix queue. Luckily I did not run out and buy a lovely blue box of Baci! But there is always domani.
    Another great find, Yvonne.


  4. Thats one of my favourite paintings but I’ve never delved into the artist’s history! How fantastic! I shall have to go and find this house in Santa Croce for a look!! Great post, thank you!!!


    • Thank you, Liz. Isn’t it a beautiful painting! I’m sure I’ve walked past his work in the Correr and never gave it a second glance. It was neat to find the fresco in a sort of out of the way place. I’m glad I turned in that direction.


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