Calle Sarasin 1164-69, Castello

Another example of 15th century dwellings, but so frustratingly difficult to photograph in that narrow calle!

Signora Trincanato (Venetian domestic architecture), notes that these humble flats provided independent stairways for each flat, a nice concession for respect and privacy.


I liked the fact that the window surrounds are graceful and beautiful.


Six centuries later, the building has stood the test of time.


And, spotted in downtown Dismal Swamp. I don’t think I’d be so proudly proclaiming my status to the world! 🙂



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11 responses to “Calle Sarasin 1164-69, Castello

  1. I lived in Corte de Ca’ Saresina for a while. I had all the advantages of the area but the street opened into a wider space; the residents had more light and the possibility of sitting out by the front door to chat to the neighbours. The older ladies used to string beads.

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  2. Love the grill on the window. I’m sure I have a picture of that one (or one exactly like it) in my archives.
    Perhaps the “excon” sign is a condition of probation….sort of like a scarlet A?


  3. I’m enjoying your series about domestic architecture. I’ve said this before, but Venice has the most beautiful bricks I’ve ever seen! Cheers, Annie


  4. How wonderful that simple elements can allow elegance to blossom even in the most humble designs! As to Excon: I learned that Australia was populated by the English with exiled convicts, making this name an appropriate and ironic celebration of success!

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    • Well, that’s one way of looking at flaunting your ex-con status, Randallo. I think it has become a point of pride to have ancestors who were transported against their wishes.


  5. Yes, simplicity can allow elegance to blossom even in the most simple, poor architectural design! As to Excon…wasn’t Australia originally populated by a bunch of exiled convicts, at least in part? If true, an appropriate celebration of success!


  6. One of the downsides is that it’s not easy to have natural lighting in some of the rooms.


  7. I love those narrow streets, but not sure I’d want to live in one.


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