La chiesa è bella

Arsenale 002

Arsenale 003

Arsenale 004



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23 responses to “La chiesa è bella

    • According to Jeff Cotton (Churches in Venice website), the present belfry would be roughly 200-300 years old.

      Jeff says re: the campanile, “The original one can be seen on Matthaeus Merian’s map of 1635 (right) but was demolished (in 1826 or 1728) and replaced with the current belfry.”


  1. Bella, yes indeed. Italia is very beautiful and full of historic gorgeous building!


  2. I love the quality of the light when you took these. Beautiful indeed, Y!


  3. Since I walked by there several times a day during my last two visits I couldn’t help but notice small details and how it changed at various times of the day.
    It’s located right next door to my favorite hardware store! If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. My late husband would have loved it even if he wouldn’t have been able to talk to anyone who worked there. Definitely a Venetian neighborhood.
    Great pics as usual, cara Yvonne.


  4. What pretty colors in the afternoon sun! I went to a wonderful concert in this church. (It was free.)


  5. This is San Giovanni in Bragora, Antonio Vivaldi was born nearby and here has been christened.


  6. I like the gradual zeroing on a detail like the bell — allows one to appreciate the bigger picture as well as one particular aspect.


  7. Very bella indeed 🙂

    We are thinking of visiting Venice in the last week of September. Something to look forward to.


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