What is an “ottagono” ?

While travelling on the ferry that is one portion of the trip from the Lido to Chioggia, I noticed this structure in the waters of the lagoon. What in the world could it be?

It took a bit of research, but I did find out that it is the remains of an “ottagono“, literally octagon, one of several that were used for the defence of Venice. As far as I can determine, it would have been built in the late 14th century.


 I also found a real estate advertisement, offering one of the ottagono for sale, with price on application.  http://www.landp.it/home-ita/venezia/ 

(Another advertisement for this island, dated May this year, quoted an asking price of 8 million euro. Gulp) 

If you’re in the market for this piece of history, here is a short video featuring the property. Before you sign the contract, will you please ask the real estate agent how they ever managed to acquire the rights to this ottagono.







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11 responses to “What is an “ottagono” ?

  1. The video almost looks like it may have been private property previously.
    I just checked my bank account and unfortunately came up a “little” short. Ah, well.


  2. Almost a shame to sell a historical place like that.


    • I’m really puzzled over it being for sale, that is, assuming it a private vendor …


      • Caroline

        Would this be one of those which Jan Morris describes thus: “Two big octagonal fortesses, rising sheer from the water, guard the central porto of Malmocco”?

        My betting is it’s being sold on by someone who bought it from the Agenzia del Demanio, the government agency responsible for managing and sometimes selling government property: it was they who recently attempted to sell the island of Poveglia and its octagon.


      • Yes, those are the ones, Caroline.

        I did wonder if it was part of the government sell-off to try to reduce debt. But, even 8 million euro is a drop in that bucket.


  3. (After paying the asking price, perhaps a little pup tent would be erected!) If someone did pay the price, they’d have to have buckets of money to do more. It could be a private home, or a boutique hotel. I’m still puzzled to know who has the rights to sell this property, and how it was acquired.


  4. joanneh

    Perfect for me and my horses we can practice canter departs around the walls just have to teach them to ride in a open boat, The back of the walls would make for great stabling a stall for them one for me
    now where can I find 8mil euro? let me know if you find it laying on on the streets and I will fly right over to pick it up.


  5. What would you do with it if you bought it? Could you build a house on it?


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