L’uomo commune, Florence

Vandals have attacked the sculpture L’uomo commune, on the Ponte alle Grazie,  causing significant damage and resulting in its being removed to police headquarters. See my previous post on this subject: The Common Man

I’m normally a polite person, but I hope the Richard Craniums who did this are found and fined. What, if anything, went through their tiny minds, to do such a stupid thing?

Artist Clet has maintained his sense of humour. He said ” The police headquarters seems set to become the first contemporary art museum in Florence.” Two of his sculptures are already in police possession.




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13 responses to “L’uomo commune, Florence

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  2. As we say in Italy: “The mother of idiots is always pregnant”.

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  3. Ugh, so pointless. What is wrong with people!?


  4. Good reporting, Yvonne. Police station as contemporary art museum….excellent use of government money.


  5. That kind of crime is worse than the usual vandalism.


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