Espresso, anyone?

In the Atherton Tablelands, we are fortunate to have a number of coffee plantations. Several of the growers also roast their own coffee, so we can always get fresh coffee, either as beans or ground the way we want it. Recently, a friend and I went exploring some of these plantations, and ended up at the Coffee Works in Mareeba. Here, our palates and noses were well catered for, and we went home clutching our own little bags of future caffeine delight.


The Coffee Works has a few relics of the history of the coffee industry, including this magnificent espresso machine. I’m happy not to be the one who has to polish it every day. And, it looks like you’d have to be a darn good barista to operate this baby.






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22 responses to “Espresso, anyone?

  1. You’d have to have your steam engine driver’s certificate to run that bad boy. I haven’t been to Mareeba since 1973.


  2. I’ve always loved the smell of coffee….even when my parents opened a can of Yuban when I was a child but never liked drinking the stuff till I was over 40. But then I discovered it’s all in the way it’s made. Coffee in many American homes (including my parents) is way too weak. I discovered that my mother was using two scoops (about four tablespoons) for an entire 10 cup pot of drip coffee. I insisted on making the coffee after that and providing water so they could dilute theirs.
    Last week I was online looking at possibly replacing my coffee maker and at JC they had pages and pages which ranged in price from a mini drip maker at around $15 and went all the way up to a fancy, schmancy espresso machine for over $3000. I decided I’d just use my little French Press or my stovetop moka. ….although I was drooling a bit of the $99 De Longhi.(excuse my spelling).


  3. Bert

    Famous coffee quotation:
    “If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee,” Lady Nancy Astor said to Winston Churchill, prompting the response “If I were your husband I would drink it.”


  4. Andante

    Due caffe doppio, per favore – one of the Italian phrases I find most useful! (Mind you: I may not have spelled it correctly at this time of night.)


  5. I don’t drink coffee, but I bet the aromas there were wonderful.


  6. What a beautiful machine and a fun way to spend a day!


  7. No milk. 2 sugars please. Oh ! And a doughnut ! ❤


  8. This one is well and truly retired, Michelle.


  9. What a gorgeous machine! Do they still use it?
    Ummm, I can almost smell the coffee.


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