Elegance with bonus junk mail



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12 responses to “Elegance with bonus junk mail

  1. Yvonne….How did I miss your birthday?? Did you have a wonderful day!!!??

    Gorgeous door!!


  2. And the need for exquisite photos is fueling the need for a fancier camera…but I just don’t have a couple thousand dollars to invest in one.
    We shall see what time brings. And a little luck.


  3. I can’t believe that no one has already done a book on Italian Doors….so I did a search and although I didn’t find specifically a book on Italian doors I did find one that is perfect for Yvonne’s next visit (when I know she’s planning a little more time in Florence) “The Doorbells of Florence” by Andrew Losowsky.
    And trying doors in Italy came up with a more specific one in both Italian and English:
    Sulle Porte Di Venezia/on the Doors of Venice by Daniele Resini. I also found several books on the Baptistery Doors in Florence.

    Hmm, I may soon have enough shots to do a book just on the doors of Venice.
    Usually when I have an idea for a photo book someone else has already published one but if they have it was a while ago and it’s out of print.
    Now that is a project for my retirement.

    Happy Birthday, cara Yvonne!


  4. I find doors so fascinating. This one is beautiful.


  5. joanneh

    Someone needs to do a book on Italian Doors I love them


  6. The junk mail looks rude.


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