By your Maltese Cross we’ll know you

A place many people visit in the sestiere of Castello,  is San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, one of the former scuole (confraternities). It is now a treasure house of art, including some charming works by Carpaccio.

If you walk past the entry to San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, and look to your right, you’ll discover another piece of Venetian history, San Giovanni di Malta. The original church was built in the 11th – 12th century, but was totally rebuilt in the 16th century. It, like many other religious institutions, suffered from suppression and the loss of art works, under the French in the 1800s.

3rd card 2014 242-001

3rd card 2014 241

3rd card 2014 240

3rd card 2014 244

The Maltese Cross figures everywhere




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17 responses to “By your Maltese Cross we’ll know you

  1. Really lovely pictures of Maltese Crosses. I have seen many having spent much time in Malta. But it does make me sad to see them on tea towels. Dislike.


  2. I’d like a new front door, too, while you’re unscrewing them. 🙂 Gorgeous!


  3. Fine pics, as always! I particularly admired the doorknocker, though I don’t suppose they’re available at our local hardware shop…


  4. I like the monks running from the “fierce” lion, and St. Augustine in His Study.


  5. And of course since both of those were right around the corner from my apartment and on my way to and from Punto I walked by them several times a week….if not daily, since it was on my way to San Marco and points in that direction.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my rainy morning at San Giorgio degli Sciavoni and the art there….lovely St. George and the Dragon!
    Dreaming of being back. Sigh!


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