Starting young

While waiting for the vaporetto to leave the Lido, I was charmed by the patient efforts of this little lad to emulate the rope throwing skills of the men or women who moor the vaporetti at the stops, and let passengers off and on.

2nd card 2014 603

If at first you don’t succeed …

2nd card 2014 604

I wonder if he will achieve his dream of becoming an employee of ACTV, the company responsible for public transportation in the Venice and Chioggia municipalities? Will ACTV still exist when he is old enough to put all his hard practice to the test?



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15 responses to “Starting young

  1. I’m not at all familiar with the ACTV, but I know when I watch my kids do things, I wonder what their future holds. Not only for them, but for the world they will live in. Could you have imagined the changes we’d see in the time it took us to become adults?


  2. Having been on that public transport in a few other countries….well, some of them do act that way at home….sadly.
    I wouldn’t mind people plopping themselves on the aisle if they would just stand up to let you pass rather than making you crawl over them.


  3. I think ACTV will exist. And I’m not happy for this.


    • I was just reading the history of the vaporetti, Winckelmann. They’ve been around for a long time! ACTV seems to have been “born” in 1978. They do seem to know how to lose money. The stockholders can’t be happy either! .


  4. Rob C

    My son works on the Thames Clippers in London, and he gives one of his reasons for loving the job as “trying to copy the Marianios in Venice’, when we back at Christmas we have to video some of them for him to help improve his technique 🙂

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    • Does your son have to toss the rope in the same way, Rob? Yes, definitely take home a video for him. Wow, the clan is truly gathering in Venice this winter. Please dedicate a spritz to me. 🙂


      • Rob C

        They do, but it’s a bigger heavier rope, and they don’t use the momentum of the boat to add ‘stretch’ as their boats have side thrusters to hold them stationary whilst they hook up a little gangplank for the punters to walk along!

        So who else will be there? I haven’t told Karen yet as we hadn’t decided on our apartment.


        • There’ll be Christy and Paul (from San Francisco), Susie and Mark (also from SF) and Linda (from the east coast). They’re all nice, fun people. If you read the post about our topa tour, they were all there, bar Paul.


  5. Very cute! I am always impressed by the skill and patience of the marinaio, and how kindly they will assist folks who need a bit of help getting on or off the vaparetto.


    • I always thought the same, Susie. How they don’t get their fingers pinched is beyond me. And how they kept their cool in times when the vaporetti were crammed, and tourists came on with honkin’ big luggage or backpacks.


      • Or when they say “scusi” and the stupid tourist still doesn’t move! Saw that happen more than once in December….as I’m sure we all have.


      • If visitors would just remember this is public transport, like a bus or metro or tram in their home country, and behave accordingly. Wait, maybe that’s how they do behave at home??

        The behaviour that makes me either chuckle or get cranky, is when folks (and this means Venetians, too), plop themselves on the outside seat of the row and make it tough for folks to get past to the other 2 seats. Some sort of unwritten law says you can’t go and sit at the window seat of an empty row, it has to be the aisle.


  6. I sat there for about 5 minutes, waiting for the vaporetto to leave, and he kept tossing that rope! I wonder if one of his parents does this type of work, or he is just impressed by what the marinaio do?


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