Castello, Fondamenta Quintavalle, 54-57

Tucked into the upper left corner of the first photo, you can see the leaning bell tower of Chiesa San Pietro di Castello.

The dwelling shown is from the 18th century, and according to Venice Domestic Architecture, we are looking at two pairs of houses, with identical windows (including dormer windows).


Would you like your bedroom to be behind one of the dormers? You’d have an interesting view over the Canal San Pietro, and the eastern end of Castello. Maybe one of those boat mooring places has your name on it.




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16 responses to “Castello, Fondamenta Quintavalle, 54-57

  1. Great photos, Yvonne. I particularly like how you captured the flag!


  2. that would be a sweet place to live, they should add balcony!!


  3. I just recently found your blog posts on Venice and am loving reading them!! Lots of great secret spots and local info. Keep them coming as I’m in Venice for the rest of the summer and would welcome suggestions!!! Cheers, Liz


    • Have a great time in Venice. I hope it doesn’t get too hot and humid for you. Are you checking out some of the Architectural Biennale sites, aside from the official ones? You can get into some places not usually open to the public.


  4. very beautiful – and hope you have a nice summer 2014! peace….


  5. Jo

    What a perfect spot! I wonder how much the mooring costs..?? Must check it out on my next visit!


  6. There was a lot of work going on in many areas of San Pietro that day I was wandering. Roof tiles being replaced, those chutes they use out the windows for getting rid of the construction rubbish etc.


  7. I was eyeing that place when I was over that way in December and thinking the same thing.


  8. Wouldn’t that be something Y! What a great view and you could keep your eye on your boat! I really like rambling about in that neighborhood. Thanks for the visit.


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