The Common Man, Florence

3rd card 2014 708

Do you recall the modified street signs I showed you a while back?

The man who did them is Clet Abraham, a French artist living in Italy.

One evening, as I walked across the Ponte alle Grazie, I noticed this:

3rd card 2014 643

It turns out that the same man is responsible for this statue “The Common Man”, which seems to be be stepping out over the Arno, on the side of the bridge facing the Ponte Vecchio.

Clet said, when asked what the statue represents: “it  is intended as a stimulus to take an important and risky step. It represents one of those moments in one’s life in which one needs to make a decision even not knowing its consequences”

After being in place for a couple of weeks, the statue was removed by the authorities, because no permission had been sought to install it. Clet’s neighbours in the San Niccolò area petitioned successfully to have it reinstated.

Two of the things I want to accomplish while in Florence are to meet this artist at his shop, and to go back and see the statue in better light, and from different angles. I hope the graffiti has been removed from this piece of public art by then.

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14 responses to “The Common Man, Florence

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  2. Julia M

    Such an interesting statue! I feel a bit silly admitting this, but I actually kind of like the graffiti on it. It feels like a bit of an extension of the idea behind the statue. Though it’s a pity it’s not the most imaginative graffiti :-/


  3. What an amazing statue. Glad they got it back.


  4. I really like the artist’s intent for that sculpture. I hope you accomplish both of these goals during your next visit Y!


  5. I saw the statue and took a photo of it too. I was hoping no one would copy the action and step into the empty space though.


  6. Pat

    I’ll be there in September, so I’ll certainly look for it!


  7. Woyld love to see this if we ever visit Florence again.


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