Istituto Tecnico Paolo Sarpi

This institution is found on the Fondamenta S. Giustina, Castello. It is named after a renowned son of Venice, Fra Paolo Sarpi, and it dates back to the 1860s.

You can read about Paolo Sarpi by following this link:  Sarpi



The motto “Qui esco in plano” engraved on the door knockers has me puzzled. 

Qui esco: here I go or I go here

in plano: in planimetric, that is, a map drawn with the horizontal positions of features, with no reference to elevation.

But, plano is also the first person singular form of the verb “planare”, to soar, glide or plane (as in a boat planing).

So, I need help with this translation/interpretation. I wish I had chosen another door! I wonder if it is an allusion to Sarpi’s friend Galileo?



I didn’t go into the school, but found photos online that show it to be an attractive place to study.

Sourced online

Sourced online





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8 responses to “Istituto Tecnico Paolo Sarpi

  1. Bert

    It’s Sarpi’s Latin motto – Quiesco in plano – I rest on the ground, indicative of his calm and balanced mind, and of the fact that all his actions rested on the eternal principles of truth and justice, according to Alexander Robertson. This is symbolised in his private seal by a globe resting on a horizontal surface, with the words around it “In piano quiesco” (‘piano’ in Italian is the same as ‘plano’ in Latin). This can be seen on the pedestal of his statue in Campo Santa Fosca.


  2. In plano quiesco. I believe it means: “come to rest in a plane”
    According to an Internet source these words make reference to the fact that Sarpi’s actions were even-keeled.
    Thanks for posting Yvonne. I was totally unaware of the knockers, the words and their meaning until now.


  3. Bert

    There are eagles, and then there is Yvonne.
    I can see the P-knocker, but though the other resembles an S more than any other letter of the alphabet, I’m sure the craftsman who made it could do better if he was trying to fashion an S.


    • If it had only been that knocker, I would have been left scratching my head, but combined with the P, and the name of the place, it became obvious.

      I’m sure the craftsman might have had a perfect S in mind, but maybe he was a modernist? (And, let’s see us do better!)


  4. Andrew

    I leave here soaring? Just a guess.


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