Detail: Campo Ruga, Castello

They are only supports for a small balcony, but are made with care and an eye for art.





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11 responses to “Detail: Campo Ruga, Castello

  1. I love detail like this – they would be quite old, too, I imagine. What history they might have seen.


  2. I thought I was going crazy (well, it’s quite possible) but….it took me a bit to realize that your comments are in reverse order from what I’m used to with the most recent at the top.
    Very confusing for some of us who are used to the other order. But whatever floats your boat, Y.


  3. I’m sure it would be possible to make lovely carved covers for those utilitarian supports from Home Depot (we have them here too) or such….I know that’s what I would want if it were my balcony.
    Of course what I really want is one of those old balconies in Venice(actually in Venice not transplanted here) but that’s another story….or dream….or as my Italian teacher taught me “avere un sogno nel cassetto.”


  4. These are beautiful! I would like some for my house. 🙂


  5. We’ve definitely lost something over the centuries. When it comes to this sort of thing we opt for functional over beauty.


    • Yes, we hop into Home Depot or Bunnings and get something from the shelf. We do have some masters in woodwork here on the Tablelands, but the furniture they make is (rightfully) very expensive.


  6. I was in that Campo so often, W-mann, it has something special about it. Ciao da Australia.


  7. Just few steps to Winckelmann’s home 🙂


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