Dismal Swamp bombed … again!

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while might remember these exciting events that occurred in the lives ofย  staunch Athertonians.


The original episode featured a cute little tree frog.



The second time was a touch more sedate, with woolly balls being the feature.



Now the phantom yarn-bomber has struck again. But, not one person I spoke to has noticed any of these terrorist attacks! Yarn bombing can be a lonely career, it seems.





I’m tempted to put an ad in the local paper, to see if I can make the acquaintance of the Mystery Bomber.





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25 responses to “Dismal Swamp bombed … again!

  1. LOL. I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Caroline

    Very pretty! Haven’t seen any more at San Samuele. (Hm – thinks… Were you in Venice last year when I saw the yarn-bombing there??)

    It is the men who knit in Norway – my university tutor had a Norwegian wife & an array of impressive jumpers knitted by his father in law. Maybe something to do with being fishermen, maybe – knitting when the weather’s too bad to go to sea?


  3. Yvonne, remember the “knitter” from Red Dog? Ralph isn’t far off about the men knitting. Can’t assume it’s women in this day and age.


  4. What a great idea. Get everyone doing it as a tourist attraction โค


  5. Hopefully we will see those lions in hats and sweaters soon! Get knitting Yvonne.


  6. You know Y, it wouldn’t surprise me if YOU were the yarn bomber! You certainly possess the creativity and talent. Then there is that adventurous side…


    • It has crossed my tiny mind, Susie. I have my eyes on a couple of little lions who guard the entry to the Lions Park; they look cold in this winter weather. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I can just imagine this person dressed in black with a headlamp in the dark of night armed only with knitting needles and a crochet hook completing the installation.
    Really? People don’t notice these? Must be like the folks here with their eyes glued to their (not so ) Smart Phones!


    • I like the planning that goes into this, Michelle. The 3 installations have all been so well fitted to the circumference of the pole, so whoever does them has taken measurements.


  8. How can people not notice? – they’re so cool.


    • It’s on the median strip, right at an intersection, so most people would be (hopefully) watching the traffic. But, not even the shopkeepers right there had noticed any of the versions, Darlene.


  9. Perhaps Atherton should invest in surveillance cameras in order to capture who is responsible for these nefarious deeds. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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