Herberton Historic Village

In the  town of  Herberton,  a little up the range from Dismal Swamp, we have an absolutely top notch Historic Village outdoor museum, lovingly restored by a couple from Melbourne.

A few weekends ago, when the sun was shining brightly, I went to have a good prowl through it. After about 5 hours there, I had only scratched the surface.

I’ll surely be posting more photos of this museum, as time goes by. And, I’ll have to go back again, to absorb it properly.

Herberton May 2014 022

Herberton May 2014 166

Herberton May 2014 025

Herberton May 2014 020

Herberton May 2014 126

Herberton May 2014 092

Herberton May 2014 282

Give a bloke some privacy, won’t you?



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23 responses to “Herberton Historic Village

  1. Andante

    Prunes don’t work on stuffed scarecrows, do they?


  2. All this talk about antiques and history and restoration. I just couldn’t stop laughing about the “poor bloke” and the fact that he looks like he fell asleep waiting for those prunes!
    I think I need to work on my maturity level…


  3. Fascinating, and some humor there with the bloke on the latrine!


  4. Be careful with your camera there, Yvonne, it might get rusty !! 😉 ❤


  5. Andrew

    I have a passion for old farm machinery, being a country lad. Cheryl doesn’t share my passion. Can’t see why she doesn’t get excited over a mangel worzel cutter!


  6. Caroline

    Looks very interesting! Is it based on an actual old settlement?


    • It’s based on the history of tin mining in the area, as well as the supporting infrastructure of that industry.

      But, it goes further, with exhibits that showcase the history of Australia’s past, including many pieces of restored equipment of the era; tractors, steam engines, cars and so on.


  7. They actually got a “dingo” to pose? Or maybe she/he was just there for you?


  8. Looks a lot like the historic parks here in Canada – the lantern, the chair, the cooking pot …


  9. Bert

    I hope the curators didn’t catch you scratching the surface. It must have taken that couple from Melbourne a long time to do the restoration – by the time they got there it would be nearly time to go home 🙂


  10. Cara Yvonne, I just came back from Venice. I went to C.llo del Piovan and saw the cube shaped vera da pozzo. While I was recording the inscription, a woman was hanging up her laundry just about above my head and dropped a peg. I tried to throw it back at her and finally succeeded on the 4th try! She was very thankful but rather concerned that I might hurt my shoulder the whole time. I didn’t see the singer in Campo San Polo though I went there daily to eat my grape fruit.


    • You’re a good citizen, returning that clothes peg to its owner! I’m sure you had a terrific time during your stay in Venice. I’ve just been to your blog, and I’ll have to get the online translator busy, obviously!


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