I wonder if they have them in my size?

At 3126 Calle Crosera, San Marco, you may notice this grafitti of 2 elegant shoes.

Sal S Samuele 022

Sal S Samuele 025

Sal S Samuele 023

Walk a little further down the block, and you’ll find 2 more, at 3134.

Sal S Samuele 007

Sal S Samuele 004

Sal S Samuele 006

In between these two landmarks, you’ll see this tablet on the wall, above head level. (I watched so many people just walk by and not take any notice of these.)

Sal S Samuele 020

The emblem of the Scuola dei Calegheri -School of the Shoemakers, a high relief shoe, along with a graffiti of 2 others. (I think these were German Calegheri.)

The inscription on the tablet commemorates the repair of the German Calegheri hospital, in October , 1659.

As I was studying all of these offerings a man whom I’d previously met in the neighbourhood came along, and told me a bit about the history of the area. Then, he took me around a corner, and showed me the Corte de la Pelle (Court of the pelts or skin), where workers would prepare hides for the Calegheri to use for making shoes. As always, the history just oozes out of the stones of this city!

Sal S Samuele 008

Sal S Samuele 010

Sal S Samuele 011


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25 responses to “I wonder if they have them in my size?

  1. I remember my third grade teacher used to wear shoes like that
    The color was called ox blood
    That’s how much of an impression they made on me

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  2. Deal – can’t wait! xo

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  3. laurie27wsmith

    Those shoes look quite fashionable Yvonne, they wouldn’t look out of place in any shoe shop today. Love the pics too.


  4. Well does a girl need any more encouragement than that? 🙂 Let’s all meet there some day ! xo


  5. Hi, B! Well, as an added incentive, on the opposite side of the calle is a bar where they make the best spritz, and serve really tasty cicchetti. Get there early for the best selection!


  6. Yvonne, I absolutely must spend more time looking up! I am going to be very busy on my next trip visiting all these wonderful sights. I love those shoes, how have I missed them? Thank you for the great pictures…now back to daydreaming about Venezia…xo


  7. Use the 10 pounds I loaned you, to pay me for something else, and you never gave it back. How are them there cats, by the way?? 🙂


  8. You’d have to be stoned to wear a pair of those shoes Yvonne 😉 ❤


  9. How fantastic! I shall have to go and find this now!! Great post!


  10. Venezia doesn’t just ooze of history….but layers upon layers of history. I daydream about taking just one building and tracing all of its history. It just amazes me!!!!!


  11. Thank you for connecting the dots.


    • Hi, Daniel. I had met that gentleman a few weeks previously, when I was moved from my apartment for a few nights, because of an acqua alta. Isn’t it wonderful how paths criss-cross and bring us a bonus.


  12. So cool and I want a pair of those shoes – they would be avantgarde today


  13. Pat

    Of course YOU were looking up! LOL!!! I also find it amazing that a local will notice your interest and stop and give you information. Nice to see they know their history and like to share it!


  14. I just need more time to wander there! How about forever?


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