Street shrine, Florence

3rd card 2014 553

3rd card 2014 554

3rd card 2014 555



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21 responses to “Street shrine, Florence

  1. I wanted to thank you for linking your foggy Venice lamp to the Up Down Challenge – but I can’t find the post. Thank you anyway, it’s a lovely shot. Debbie


  2. Lucky the people who live in that corner and even luckier those who live across the street. Just beautiful.


    • Oh, you’re so right, Daniel. I was really impressed with the number of such shrines scattered around the historic centre, and almost all of them in good shape, with no blasted grafitti.


  3. Brian

    OK, so this is the artist referred to as Giottino, just saw one of his works today at the Uffizi. It was copied for this shrine, but that’s alright; I’m glad they did that. I’ll be looking for this. I’m here until the 16th of June.


  4. Brian

    I can’t make out where this is. Do you remember?


    • It’s in the Oltrarno, Brian. I had walked down Via della Chiesa towards the Piazza Torquato Tasso, so it’s somewhere along there. I hope you can find it. How much longer are you there?


  5. Andrew

    Lovely. I wonder how old it is?


    • I just noticed what looks like a plaque below the painting. I’ve gone back to my photos and found the plaque, which I’ve added to the post above. It’s a modern copy of a Giottino.


  6. Heavens – that is gorgeous! As I look out of my window onto my city, I wish I had something like that to walk by every day!
    Thanks Yvonne for the post – made my morning!


  7. What a beautiful shrine! The art is fantastic. Looks like Giotto with that vivid blue.


    • Isn’t it marvellous, Annie! Maybe you need to shift your discovering to Florence. And, I’ve added the 3rd part of the photo which identifies the original artist, and the one responsible for the new painting. The plaque also identifies the murario who recreated the handmade wall.


  8. That’s a beauty. I love also how it has a sort of umbrella to protect it.


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