Not far from my place

This is a former grocery store, on a country road about 45 minutes from my home in Dismal Swamp. Now abandoned and eroded by the elements, it was no doubt the centre of the community in its day. I like broken down wrecks, for some reason. Does that make me a bad person? Or just an empathetic one, perhaps.









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23 responses to “Not far from my place

  1. Yup, I did all that, except now that they’ve changed the “Add/edit media” functions, you have to right click on the image , and then copy the image location. That gets plunked in between the ” “. It seems to stay there for a while, then, away it goes to who knows where, leaving the broken link icon behind, mockingly! Strange are the ways of WordPress.

    Have you had this problem at all? Why are you awake at this strange hour? Do we blame the cats?? Thanks, mate. ❤


  2. It’s done it again. WP has deleted the codes in the above reply !! 😦


  3. Hi Yvonne 😀 What a rotten post !! ……….. The last photo I mean 🙂 ❤


    • Chuckles, and says to herself “You’ll keep, Ralph”.

      Now that I’ve got you on the line, so to speak, I’m having problems with images not staying in my comments, using the method you taught us a few months ago. The photo shows for a while, then, there’s a broken link symbol. Sigh. I’ve reinstated the missing dunny, let’s see how long it stays there.

      Cheers, chap. oxo 🙂


      • Did you do this Yvonne ?

        1.Copy into the comment
        2.Upload your picture into your Dashboard Media Library
        Ensure the picture size is not too big for the comment.
        3.Open Edit (Image). File URL. Right click / Select All / Copy
        4.Paste the URL into between the inverted commas.
        5.Post comment


  4. Hi, Laurie. I’ll bet the dunny has fallen down by now; I’ll have to go back and see. There were no ‘roos around, but it was mid-day when I was there. they were sensibly dozing somewhere. Cheers.


  5. I feel cheated Yvonne, no dunny picture. I don’t miss using them though. There’s nothing wrong with you liking the run down and damaged. I think they sometimes make the best subjects, as your great photos demonstrate.


  6. Rob C

    Lovely pictures there, especially love the alarm/telephone bell box 🙂


    • Hi Rob. Those bells would have summoned the storekeeper from the backyard dunny, no doubt!

      For those who don’t know the word, a dunny is Aussie slang for toilet. It might have looked somewhat like this.


  7. Caroline

    Very evocative – I’m imagining I can hear crickets & the dry grass rustling.


  8. I am fascinated by abandoned buildings. My little brain is always flooded with questions. What, when, why, who and where are they now? Does anyone remember them? Were they happy? Sad? Did they just give up, or was there something else at play? Okay Y, I will stop now! Baci!


  9. Montana has a lot of places like this too.


  10. It could be almost anywhere….doesn’t have to be in a dismal swamp. As you know I love architectural details and you have a lot of them here.
    What is you say down there? Good on ya? I’m sure I have it wrong but I think you know what I mean.


  11. Lots of dismal swamps there, Darlene.


  12. could be in Saskatchewan


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