Closing for the day

There’s a fresh seafood market in Chioggia which does brisk trade with the local residents, and the many restaurants that offer seafood on the menu. The stalls are set up  in the arcade of a building from the 1300’s, which was originally a storehouse (fontego) for grain.


Parts of the arcade are put to other uses, such as this bar, the name of which “Granaio” translates to “granary”


After the day’s commerce is finished, there’s still a lot of work to be done, tidying and cleaning to be ready for the next day’s work.






I’ll be back tomorrow for the “Eat all you can” buffet



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6 responses to “Closing for the day

  1. Caroline

    Great pics! Chioggia is definitely on our ‘to do this summer’ list.


  2. This is a great perspective on life behind the scenes at a seafood market. I loved the boots and the seagull!


    • Hi, Carol. It was nice to be able to catch glimpses of the market without swarms of people. I’ve had a peek at your blog, and will go back for more later!


  3. Andrew

    Great post as usual, Yvonne. Every time I see the word Chioggia, I have to think very carefully- hard C soft G. The opposite of what an English speaker wants to say!


    • Thank you, Andrew. Same here, it was a major break through when I finally was able to pronounce Chioggia correctly. Then, there were only 29,763 more words to conquer.


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