Casa Foscolo Corner, Campo Santa Margherita 2920-2935

How many times have we passed these buildings, or eaten and had something to drink at one of the cafes? Little did we know that they are probably from the 14th-15th century, although they have been somewhat rebuilt.


Apparently, this doorway is from the 13th (or possibly even the 12th) century! Do stop and admire it next time you pass that way.


 Now, doesn’t this look very familiar?




I wish we could meet there right now, for a great cup of coffee, or a spritz.


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19 responses to “Casa Foscolo Corner, Campo Santa Margherita 2920-2935

  1. Lovely architecture!


  2. Bridget

    Dan and I are your Team Campari. And we will make sure there is no olive in your spritz, as i recall that’s how you like it. It’s funny, I see spritz drinks (sorta) here on the menus in Seattle, and I just can’t order one. I just have to be in Venezia…which hopefully will be sooner than later! Plus it’s the only time I have chips!
    Cheers, sante, chin chin everyone!
    Ciao, Bridget


  3. You can add Marco to the Campari team, and yes, with an olive!


  4. Andante

    Fine thanks, just dreaming of Venice…. When do you next plan to return?


    • I noticed that the next Su e Zo per i Ponti (the big walk around Venice) is on 19 April next year, so I hope to take part in that. Have you any plans for the next visit?


  5. MaryK

    Aperol for me – with an olive of course…… but I’ll graciously accept a slice of orange instead if need be.


  6. And, that first spritz you drink when you get to Venice, heaven! How are you folks?


  7. Andante

    Two spritz with Aperol please, for us. A spritz doesn’t taste quite the same over here, somehow, even though we’ve got Sainsbury’s stocking Aperol now!


    • OK, Susie and Andrew, I’ve got that. Linda and Darlene, how would you like your spritz, with Aperol or Campari? Do you all like olives? One cappuccino coming up, Michelle.

      It should be lovely in the campo this afternoon.


  8. Un cappuccino per mei!


  9. Andrew

    Aperol per me, per favore.


  10. Susie L

    Me too Y! Un spritz con Campari!


  11. This is what I love about our lovely lady…her many layers of history!!!
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet for a spritz!!


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