Saturday housework must be done

While watching a Carnevale activity on the Cannaregio Canal, I chanced to look up toward a balcony on the opposite side, and saw this house proud fellow vacuuming his balcony. He paid not one scrap of attention to what was happening on the water, just got on with his task.

Pantagana 021

This couple, on the other hand, were taking complete advantage of their prime position to watch the fun.

2nd card 2014 666

Here’s some of what they saw.

2nd card 2014 690

2nd card 2014 685

2nd card 2014 683

2nd card 2014 692



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16 responses to “Saturday housework must be done

  1. How wonderful to see and be part of this celebration in, to me, the most beautiful city in the world!


    • It was a case of third time lucky: one year, the Festival was cancelled because of extreme cold weather, with ice on the canals, the next year, it just didn’t happen. So, I do count my many blessings in that I finally got to see it. Most years, they have made the rat fly from one of the bridges ( an analogue to what is happening in the Piazza with a human being). This time, they surprised us with an exploding rat!


  2. I’d forget the vacuuming if all that was going on under my window.


  3. Any distraction will make me give up housework. With that view it would never get done.
    But perhaps his wife said “Vacuum or else!”


  4. The guy must have got immune to the beauty of Venice!


  5. What a lovely day for housework Yvonne 😉 xox ❤


    • You’d think he could have done that work before or after the big regatta, and the surprise explosion of the rat to release those balloons, Ralph! oxo


  6. It looks very festive and colourful Yvonne!


  7. You had a pretty good position too! 🙂


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