Little formic creatures

The other day, as I walked to the library, my eye was drawn to a clump of colourful blossoms. When I went closer, I found an added bonus, some very busy ants.




Much as I admire these insects, I don’t think I’d want to experience a little nip from one of them!




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16 responses to “Little formic creatures

  1. Nice ant pics, they love that nectar. 🙂


  2. No worries, Caroline. It’s a treat to know the major part is over. Maybe you’ll even find that blasted missing camera. Evviva, Peter and Lou!


  3. Caroline

    And it’s all done! Boat blokes very efficient & couldn’t do enough for us. But we couldn’t have done it with Peter & Lou, and especially Peter’s advanced furniture-dismantling skills (landlord’s stuff to go in the magazzino). And you’re right, Michelle, it has been like Christmas – or probably, better – rediscovering most of our art! Unpacking the boxes (all now in the spare room) will probably take a few months, though – although I daresay the hifi will be unpacked as soon as Phil gets back from work 🙂

    Yvonne, sorry about hijacking your post!


  4. Caroline

    It will be worth it, eventually! And lovely Louise & Peter are going to help tomorrow.


    • That’s so nice of them. The job will be done much more quickly!

      I was trying to imagine your goods arriving by water (it’s not all that far from the Tronchetto, is it!), then being trundled to your apartment block and hoicked up the stairs or in the HUGE elevator. 🙂 I hope someone takes photos.


    • Enjoy unpacking Caroline. I remember a couple of moves I’ve made where I was without my own things for a couple of weeks to a month and it was like Christmas opening the boxes. You’ll find things you probably don’t remember even having after all this time. And you’ll wonder how you managed to live without them. Divertiti!


  5. Lovely little creatures….as long as they are outdoors.
    And I don’t envy Caroline and Phil’s unpacking. But once it’s done it will be nice to have your own things.


  6. Caroline

    Mm, it’s all a bit daunting – suddenly our stuff is arriving at Tronchetto tomorrow & being delivered to us on Friday!! I daresay it will be the summer before we get it all sorted out, though 🙂

    They do look rather beautiful – the one in your last picture looks very sculptural – but as you said, I wouldn’t fancy a nip from them!


  7. Caroline

    How big are they??


  8. There must be a picnic nearby.


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