The Ghetto, Cannaregio








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4 responses to “The Ghetto, Cannaregio

  1. Pardon my barbaric approach: I used Google Translate and the two words on the first relief mean Board and God; so it perhaps means synagogue although I truly like “God’s Board.” I didn’t even try the second one. Does anybody know Hebrew?
    Thanks for posting Yvonne. Where are they exactly? Ghetto Nuovo, Vecchio?


    • Sheesh, I’m impressed that you know how to do a translation from Hebrew on Google! I think the first one was taken as I approached the Ghetto Nuovo from Calle Farnese. I really can’t recall where the other was taken, Daniel.


  2. This is one of the 5 synagogues in this area of Venice, 2 of which are still in use. It is an area steeped in history, like most parts of Venice.

    You’ll see wooden walls in other parts of Venice, for example, in Castello.


  3. That one wooden wall seems odd with all the plaster everywhere else. I like the old style of the woodwork though.


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