Saffa region, Cannaregio

If you are walking along the Fondamenta Savorgnan (it is on the train station side of the Cannaregio Canal), perhaps on your way to the Ristorante Casa Bonita, you could easily drift right past an interesting part of the history of Cannaregio.

Here is the entry from the fondamenta to the residential area built  where there used to be a large factory producing matches (Saffa:  Società Anonima Fabbriche Fiammiferi e Affini). The factory operated until the 1950s, and the residential construction began in the 1980s.


A few remnants of the factory can be seen when you walk into the area.

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In the Campo del Bagolaro, a water well has been constructed, as an echo of the past. I wonder if those bricks were recycled from the demolished factory?



If you do decide to walk through here, you can have a look at the public park (Parco Savorgnan), and emerge near the Ponte delle Guglie or into Campo San Geremia.




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8 responses to “Saffa region, Cannaregio

  1. Caroline

    I was hoping to find the most recent post about the lucchetti.

    It will be lovely to have our pictures and books, plus decent cutlery etc. Haven’t even started thinking about what to do with the kitchen yet! Today’s tasks include going to a garden centre in Mestre on the continuing trail for a planter for herbs for the windowsill – already tried Panorama & the 2 Venice garden centres but not yet found a ceramic one which was long enough.


  2. Caroline

    Our new ‘hood!


    • I was thinking about you as I wrote this. How’s it all going? Has the maggazino been cleared out for you? Have you used the laltana?


      • Caroline

        Yes, the magazzino was almost cleared & is now filling up again! Haven’t attempted the altana yet but we’ve had lunch on the balcony a couple of times. P is in Hampshire today to supervise the loading of our stuff still in storage, although we don’t know when it will be delivered – need to wait for a full load to be made up. The flat is liveable but not very homely yet – no colour anywhere!! Treated ourselves to a standard lamp from Murano last Sunday, which is lovely but also white 🙂

        I was just trying to work out how to search your site for a tagged subject?


        • Hmm, I don’t know if you have access to the search function. Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll see if I can find it.

          How nice it will be when you’re surrounded by your own belongings. What solution have you found for the sinks in the kitchen?


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