You can’t say we’re two faced

Two bodies, one face. I saw both of these strange carvings in the sestiere of San Marco The first is set at the angle of a wall, as you can see. Is that a head between its front legs? And what do you make of the rear of its body? (He’s got pigeon discouragers on his head).


The second appears on a patera fairly high on a wall. To me, the bodies are suggestive of rodents.





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7 responses to “You can’t say we’re two faced

  1. Oh the lore…the mysteries……so Italian!!


  2. Alida Gafuik

    They’re very odd aren’t they.


  3. Those pigeon protectors seem quite undignified to me, but possibly pigeon poop on one’s head is worse. Ciao Y! You know me, I always seem to bring down the tone of a high level discourse. 😉


  4. It is indeed a horned head there displayed but I’ve forgotten — if I ever in fact knew — what the hybrid creature is supposed to be. The first example is designed to be seen from either side, but the rat-like creature in the second has me stumped.


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