So civilised

You’ll find Calle Vechia running off Via Garibaldi in Castello. Those two white rectangles below the nizioleto (street sign) were notices in Italian and English a resident of that Calle had pinned there.


Here’s the English version. It’s striking how polite and restrained (usually) these communications are.


PS Bert sent me a link to information about the water tower he and Andrew discussed the other day.  Have a look!



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12 responses to “So civilised

  1. Venetians are the most tolerant people. I admire them profoundly. In what other city would the residents tolerate to be outnumbered by tourists 1 to 2, on average, at any given time, 24/7/365? I’ve never seen a Venetian lose their cool, and we visitors give them plenty of opportunity, right?


  2. Bridget

    I have often wondered why Venezia doesn’t up the number of bins in the city – especially in the very heavy trafficked areas. The bins are overflowing by noon! It would obviously make a difference if they were larger, but more of them, strategically placed would be a start. It would also help with our little (or not so little) enemy, il ratto!
    And I agree, the people who pick up in the morning are impressive, such a system! They must be in great shape, pushing and pulling those carts every day.


  3. And, the street cleaners who are out at the crack of dawn to clean places like the Piazza after a drunken celebration the night before, such as New Year’s Eve.


  4. It is indeed a world wide problem. I watched coworkers clean out their cars into the parking lot where we worked and then later hear the same people complain about how dirty it always was. There were rubbish bins (and ash trays) by the door but many people could not walk a few extra feet.

    I am just so impressed by the people (both men and women) who collect the rubbish in hand carts every morning in Venice…..going from door to door and up and over bridges. Of course it needs to be bagged and put by your door so they can collect it….not just thrown on the ground.


  5. hungryhungryhippo404

    Goodness, looks like tourists are making a good impression there :-/


    • But sometimes, it is their fellow Venetians who are guilty. There are just so many tourists who sometimes treat Venice (and other places, of course) in a disrespectful manner.


      • hungryhungryhippo404

        It is pretty disappointing from both groups of people. It doesn’t take that much effort to keep it beautiful and orderly!


  6. What a lovely polite notice — I do hope visitors and others are responding appropriately.


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