Meanwhile, Down Under

The inside of my house was re-painted earlier this week. Here are the hard working painters!

They were having 'smoko' before they started the job. My house looks all fresh and sparkly!

They were having ‘smoko’ before they started the job. My house looks all fresh and sparkly!

I hit the jackpot with the mail this morning. Two books I had ordered from the Book Depository have arrived.

The lastest Donna Leon novel, and the Moleskine "Firenze" notebook.

The latest Donna Leon novel, and the Moleskine “Firenze” notebook.

I am so impressed with the Book Depository (UK). They fill the orders promptly, their prices are good, and the delivery is free.

I may be reading by candlelight tonight, if Cyclone Ita makes her power felt here in the Tablelands. I hope everyone in her path will be safe.




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32 responses to “Meanwhile, Down Under

  1. She has such a distinctive appearance, she’s hard to miss in Venice!


    • That afternoon in December she looked straight at me and my camera with a withering look that said….”don’t you dare recognize me or take my picture”….so I kept walking. I’m happy to let celebrities have their privacy.


  2. I saw an interview with Donna Leon on MHZ networks (they broadcast International Mysteries and Drama on one of my PBS stations) in which she talks about where she gets her ideas….

    I have heard that she does not like fans walking up to her and talking to her…that’s why I pretended I didn’t see her one afternoon near Santa Maria de Formosa in December.


  3. Pat

    Oh! A new Donna Leon book! Have to get it!!!


  4. hungryhungryhippo404

    A smoko before they start work? Now that’s just crazy! πŸ˜› I agree with you – I absolutely love the Book Depository! Though my bank account isn’t as fond of it lol. Good luck with Cyclone Ita, I hope you don’t get too badly affected by it and stay safe!!


    • Once they got going, they worked like little machines, J. You’ll have heard that the damage up north (Cooktown for example) isn’t as bad as they thought it would be. Isn’t that a relief!


  5. Livia

    What is the reason that there is no Donna Leon in Italian???


    • Hi, Livia. I have absolutely no idea, you’ll have to ask Signora Leon that question. There are a number of theories, but only she knows the answer.


      • Livia

        Ciao Yvonne. Well, I try to grab her for the info, next time I’ll be on Giudecca. Since we do not know each other (better say she doesn’t have a clue who I am -unfortunately), I doubt I’ll get a proper answer. Ciao, have a nice weekend.


  6. julie

    i love the smell of fresh paint ! stay safe Yvonne and catch up on those books, nothing better than a good read xx ❀


  7. Bridget

    Can’t wait to read the latest mystery! But more importantly, please let us know you are ok – Ita sounds fierce! take care, thinking of you. Bridget xo


    • It’s now Saturday morning, and the news reports indicate that the cyclone was not as destructive as was forecast. Hurray! By the time it gets to us, it’ll be windy, and the rain we’ve had all night will no doubt continue for a while. I’m so relieved for the people on the coast.


  8. Hi Yvonne πŸ˜€ Welcome home !! Have the painters started work yet ? Cos a good smoke break lasts about 8 hours. Hugs’ Ralph xox πŸ˜€


    • Hi, Ralphie. I’ve been home for nearly 3 weeks, keep up to the rest of the class, please! πŸ˜‰

      Their smoko wasn’t too long, andthey worked like little machines once they got going. They even vacuumed my place after they put the furniture back! I may adopt them as surrogate sons. But, they do eat a lot, so maybe that’s a bad idea.

      Big hugs back to you and Sonic and Samantha. Who will take care of them when you go on your vacation in July?

      Baci xxx and abbracci ooo


      • Oh come on Yvonne !! I’ve been in the corner for the last 3 weeks with a big red “D” on my hat. So I haven’t a clue what’s going on.
        They seem to be worth employing. The Spanish women do the painting of their houses here. It’s their job to do while the men smoke for 8 hours. I had a Spanish senora paint my place and she was cheap !!
        The cats will be looked after by my friends and neighbours who all have sets of my house keys just in case !!
        I haven’t a clue what “Baci” or “abbracci” mean, but as they are from you my friend I will accept them with a ❀
        Love and hugs. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

        PS. Has anything green arrived yet ?
        Night night. It's 03:30am. I need my beauty sleep …… lots of it !!


    • I wrote to my landlord in Venice, so he is supposed to keep an eye open for the green surprise and send it on to me. It’ll have taken a long trip by the time it gets here!

      Good night, night-owl! Baci=xxxx. Abbracci=oooo O_o


  9. Stay safe!
    I just finished the Donna Leon. My only disappointment was that I found it somewhat shorter than her other books….by about 100 pages.
    Still a good tale that took me back to my beloved Venezia for a while.
    I had pre ordered it for Nook and it was there April 1 when it was released and I just put my other book on hold while I read it.


  10. All you need to do is curl up someplace cozy in your newly painted house and enjoy your books. Have candles nearby in case the power goes out.


  11. I’m on the waiting list of the library for Leon’s latest novel!


  12. Bundle up and stay safe.


  13. Susie L

    Thinking of you Y, and Minx too. Stay safe and enjoy your new reading treasures. I had lunch with Christy today! We thought of you of course.


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