I’m easily amused

I saw this tricky mirror at a t-junction of canals, and got hooked into watching the traffic appear and disappear in it. If I hadn’t had to go and pack to come home, I might still be there.

And, just look at that wall and window behind the mirror.








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32 responses to “I’m easily amused

  1. We have such mirrors at driveways and weird intersections on our mountainous, winding roads. I have been known to park at one and watch the traffic appear and disappear, too, so I guess I also am easily amused…………..LOL


  2. What great shots! How we need to go and find this!!


  3. Sniff, sniff, whimper….Whah! But I won’t be there!
    Unless of course I win the lottery….but…I’d have to buy a ticket first.:-(


  4. Rob C

    I’m sorry your trip is coming to an end. Thanks so much for sharing with us once again.
    You’ll be glad to know your blog pushed us over the edge, and we’re off again on December 21st.


    • I don’t think I had to push hard to get you over that edge, Rob. I’m happy you’re going back again.

      Hey, there’ll be a whole mob of fun people in Venice then, ask Karen for introductions. And take vitamin pills …


  5. Terrific discovery and exciting effect. Well done!


  6. At least one of us found it totally by accident while wandering….or in my case meandering.
    It was that lovely wall that first caught my eye and then a boat went by and the reflection changed….ah, heaven.


  7. Bert

    Rio di Noale opposite Rio dei Servi from Fondamenta Vendramin, in case anyone would like to repeat the exercise.


  8. JoS

    Better than television!!!


  9. Fascinating views in that mirror. I can see why you liked it.


  10. Was there a queue behind you? 🙂


  11. joanneh

    Love your photos and subjects they make my day


  12. Hello Yvonne 😀 Lovely pictures ! I know how easily amused you are as you visit my blog !! 😉 hehe. Hugs. Ralph xox 😀


  13. Oh, too funny as I spent quite a while watching that exact same mirror early in my visit. I have three pics of it printed and framed on my living room wall!
    I loved the patterns in the water created by the wakes of the boats and reflected in the mirror.
    Mesmerizing is exactly the word.


  14. hungryhungryhippo404

    It’s definitely mesmerising! I’m impressed you actually managed to pack and get home! 😀


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