Washday Blues

I think I’d rather live here than in the posh place with the altana, liago (thank you, Daniel for the name) and stemma. This was in Dorsoduro.



But wait, there’s more.



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13 responses to “Washday Blues

  1. Yes, the flowers are in bloom early! Love the bright colors.


  2. Pat

    I love the “garden” outside the window!


  3. This place has a lot of character and must have a really nice view too.


  4. joanneh

    Love the photo


  5. I so agree! And there is simply nothing like the colorful laundry in Venice.
    Wonder if Dolly has ever been to Venice?


    • The photos of this place just make me smile, and seem to epitomise the living, breathing Venice.


      • Probably one of the many reasons I love the apartment where I stayed the last two times…step out my front door and turn right, step up on the Ponti dei Scudi and there are rows upon rows of colorful laundry strung across the canal….now that is living in the Venetian Venice!


  6. For as much as I love country music, and love Dolly Parton’s music, it doesn’t seem to match the pictures… and to be honest that place with the altana was pretty darn attractive…


    • Hi, oldcountry. Well, I only went with Ms Dolly and her song because the title matched mine!

      I agree the other place is a beauty, but this one has character.


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